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Bariatric and Weight Loss Support at MetroHealth

Weight management is more than a diet. It is a process and lifelong commitment to changing your lifestyle. At MetroHealth, we have clinical psychologists, registered dietitians and a variety of other medical professionals who can help you reach your long-term weight loss goals. 

“The care we provide does not end after surgery,” said Emily White, PhD, director of behavioral health at the MetroHealth Weight Loss Surgery and Weight Management Center. “We are here to help for a lifetime. There is no shame in relying on support to meet your long-term goals.” 

Support puts you in a position of strength for best success.

A Lifelong Support System

You’ll find individual support and group encouragement at MetroHealth from medical and behavioral health specialists. Our medical professionals offer guidance before, during and after bariatric surgery.

The team’s goal is to help you adjust to your new lifestyle. You will get tips related to:

  • behavioral changes
  • eating habits
  • exercise

Weight Loss Support Programs

MetroHealth offers support groups several times each month, where patients can learn from and connect with others who are adapting to a new life after weight loss surgery. Groups are led by a licensed behavioral health provider. If you are more comfortable in an individual setting, you can meet with our behavioral health providers one-on-one for support, too. 

MetroHealth also offers evidence-based weight loss support programs such as STRIDES, or Steps To Reach Individual Diet and Exercise Solutions. STRIDES is a group weight loss and diabetes prevention program. It provides information, tools and skills needed for lifelong success. At each class, you receive both individual counseling and group education and support.

“STRIDES teaches practical approaches that are proven to help you lose weight effectively,” said Eileen Seeholzer, MD, STRIDES program co-author and medical director of the MetroHealth Weight Loss Surgery and Weight Management Center. “Through this program, you will learn coping skills and strategies to support healthy living.”


Before & After Stories

Learn why bariatric surgery was the right choice for some of our patients – and why it might be the right choice for you.

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Learn why bariatric surgery was the right choice for some of our MetroHealth patients
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