My Cost Estimator

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For Insured and Self Pay Patients

MetroHealth is committed to empowering our patients and all consumers by providing relevant, useful information to understand their bills and financial obligations. Our My Cost Estimator is also available in Spanish.

My Cost Estimator in most cases will provide you with both hospital and professional services to have an inclusive understanding of personal expenses whether you have insurance or do not.

In addition, MetroHealth has representatives who can discuss the estimates provided by My Cost Estimator and/or provide estimates via phone, email or mail.

For assistance, please call 216-957-2325, Option 3.  

Additional Tools for Insured Patients

Below are links to online tools provided by insurance companies to their members. Use the information to make cost effective decisions regarding coverage and your estimated out of pocket expenses.

Please Note: As a member, you must first register with your health plan. Follow the instructions on the web link provided below. For questions on how to navigate these tools, please contact the number provided on your health plan identification card or the number provided on the website.