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Population Health Innovation Institute

The MetroHealth Population Health Innovation Institute empowers the discovery, effectiveness, and evolution of value-based care delivery for the benefit of patients, physicians, healthcare providers, and community partners.

Health is about so much more than medical care.

Our well-being also depends on the food we eat, the environments we live in, the jobs we hold and what resources and opportunities are readily available. 

At MetroHealth, we are tackling not only the issues that affect the health of our community, we are working to fix the root causes of those problems as well.

MetroHealth’s Population Health Innovation Institute is helping revolutionize the clinically integrated delivery methods, and the engagement and experience of patients. We are leading the way in developing and improving value-based coordination beyond treating symptoms and ailments to early on prevent or minimize medical conditions.

With these exciting care models, we are fulfilling the needs of our patients and improving outcomes -- all while lowering costs and improving efficiency.

The Population Health Innovation Institute is eager to share our successes as we collaborate  to accelerate the transformation of health in our community.

Our multidisciplinary approach to optimizing value-based care is driven by:
PHII People
Everyone including patients, providers and professionals at MetroHealth play a role in understanding and defining how we can enhance health care . . . change is healthy.
About Us
Data + Knowledge
Analyzing, measuring and understanding data to optimize the way we provide care to patients and operate as a hospital and employer.
Population Health Community Relationships
We can’t do this alone, MetroHealth works with experts within our health system as well as strategic partners throughout Northeast Ohio and the country.

Since its inception in 2014, the Population Health Innovation Institute has worked cross functionally within MetroHealth as well as directly with patients, employers, payers and government entities to ensure better health management within the populations we serve.

Some of our key successes over the years include:

  • Over 7 years, the percentage of MetroHealth’s patients affiliated with a value-based payer relationship grew from 5% to 75%.
  • MetroHealth’s Accountable Care Organization has achieved 4 consecutive years of Medicare shared savings, providing CMS with a savings of $28.5 Million over the same time period at an average of 7.3% savings per year. With the success of its ACO, MetroHealth is moving forward with a new model of care delivery designed to increase coordination of care between health care providers, and between providers and patients who qualify for and choose traditional (fee-for-services) Medicare. This new model, a Medicare Direct Contracting Entity, is called Collaborative Care Partners (CCP). For more information, please see Collaborative Care Partners (CCP) website.
  • Through our Red Carpet Care Program, the Population Health Innovation Institute improved outcomes for our high risk elderly population with single phone number for same day appointments and direct access to a Registered Nurse Care Coordinator. Red Carpet Care is an extensivist team program that cares for chronically ill and/or frail patients. It works in parallel with primary care to proactively manage chronic conditions in multiple ambulatory settings with individualized care plans. Successes for over 400 Red Carpet Care patients included emergency department visits reduced by 17% and inpatient utilization decreased by 13%.
  • Care Coordination commitment to providing patients with the appropriate level of guidance and care has resulted in improved patient satisfaction scores and reduced number of ED visits and unplanned admissions. The Population Health Innovation Institute effectively worked with inpatient team members to lower the inpatient length of stay by 5%.  
  • Value Based Managed Care Payer Collaborations continue positive trends of earned incentives on quality metrics, care coordination, and total cost of care results.
  • Established the Institute for H.O.P.E.™, Serving as a catalyst of change for our health,  neighborhoods, economy and future, and both identifying and acting on the social determinants of health through effective programs, education, and research.
  • Medicaid Expansion Waiver Healthplan, called MetroHealth CarePlus, offered health coverage to approximately 30,000 uninsured Cuyahoga County residents resulting in care and outcomes, and cost savings 30% below the government’s estimate.
  • MSSP ACO/Legal Aid Partnership reflects a commitment by both entities to promote philanthropic work within the Cuyahoga County community and builds on the already successful partnership of the Community Advocacy Program.
  • Growth continues in both patient attribution and membership enrollment for our risk-sharing partnerships, MetroHealth-centric health plan networks, and our Skyway product offerings.
  • The Population Health Innovation Institute operates Doc2Go telehealth services for our patient population as well as employers/organizations and their constituents across the country.
 PHII Outcomes

Download the following case study to learn more about the impact we’ve had on helping manage the health of an employee population.

Our Leadership
Nabil Chehade
Nabile Chehade, MD
Senior Vice President, Chief Population Health Officer
[email protected]
Amy Delp
Amy Delp
Executive Director, Population Health
[email protected]
Nicholas Dreher
Nicholas Dreher, MD
Medical Director, Population Health
[email protected]
Susan Fuehrer
Susan Feuhrer
President, Institute for H.O.P.E.™
[email protected]
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Director, Business Operations and Analytics, Population Health
[email protected]
Susan Mego
Susan Mego
Executive Director of Payer Strategy, Managed Care, and Operations, Population Health
ACO Executive, MetroHealth Care Partners
[email protected]
James E. Misak, MD
James E. Misak, MD
Medical Director, Quality and Institute for H.O.P.E.™
[email protected]