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Black History Month Keynote Talk

Celebrate Black History Month at MetroHealth by hearing a message from a visionary pastor and teacher who has made history of her own. Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins, Senior Pastor and Teacher of South Euclid United Church of Christ (SEUCC), will share a message based on the theme of "Black History: A Legacy of Strength, A Future of Hope, The Heart of Culture."

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Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins
The New Hospital

MetroHealth is in the midst of a historic transformation.

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Winter in Northeast Ohio
Flu Season
Flu Season is Here
If you think you might be getting sick with the flu, stay home from work or school and limit contact with others. Check with your primary care doctor, who might be able to prescribe you antiviral drugs that can reduce the severity and length of the illness.
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Safe Shoveling Community Blog
Staying Safe While Shoveling
Cleveland winters can really be a pain. And while we can’t prevent snowfall – this is Cleveland, after all – there are steps you can take to stay safe.
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Healthy Living Tips from SimplyWell
Eat Green SimplyWell
Eating Green This Winter
When it’s freezing outside, make frozen produce a staple in your kitchen.  Read more
Medical Myths SimplyWell
Medical Facts and Fiction
A myth-busting MD takes on common health misconceptions.  Read more
Palliative Care SimplyWell
Caring for the Whole Person
Palliative care helps patients and families manage chronic illness and improve overall well-being. Read more
Eye Lift SimplyWell
See Your Eyes Clearly
An eyelid lift can do more than just give you a youthful look. It may improve your vision. Read More
Happy, Healthy and Grateful

Michelle and Patrick started their journey more than three years ago. After trying to conceive for about a year, Michelle’s obstetrician-gynecologist, Gregory Kitagawa, MD, referred the couple to Bryan Hecht, MD, Director of Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility at MetroHealth. 

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Fertility Care SimplyWell
Featured Stories from our Newsroom
MetroHealth Watching for Coronavirus
Watching for Coronavirus
MetroHealth is paying close attention to the number of diagnosed cases of coronavirus in the United States and abroad.  Read More
Lung Cancer Study
Lung Cancer Risk Research
A pack-a-day smoker living in a wealthy neighborhood is less likely to develop lung cancer than someone who smokes the same amount but lives in a poorer neighborhood. Read More
Positive Peers App
Positive Peers App
The app offers health management tools, health information and a social platform where patients can post on a community bulletin board or direct-message other users. Read More
Having Difficult Conversations about Grief
Difficult Conversations When Tragedy Strikes
When tragedy strikes, there are no words. But plenty of questions. Why him? Why his daughter? Only 13.He was such a legend and so young. Only 41. Read More
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute

Watch this video to find out why our Rehabilitation Institute can help patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

About Our Program
Aging Gracefully with Medicare

The annual physical is an important tool for wellness at any age. But how does a Medicare Wellness exam differ from that annual physical you’ve been getting for years? 

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Medicare Visits SimplyWell
ABCD's of Safe Sleep
Know the ABCD's of Safe Sleep
Prevent sleep-related infant deaths by knowing and sharing these tips. Safe Sleep Heroes
Prescription for Hope
Project Dawn and Know the Rx
Need help with an opioid addiction or are you interested in supporting Project Dawn? A Prescription for Hope
Six Sleep Tips SimplyWell
Six Tips for a Better Night's Sleep
There are things you can do at home to ensure you’re well-rested. Sleep Tips
Medical Professionals
Graduate Medical Education, Residencies and Fellowships
Training the next generation of healthcare leaders. Visit MetroHealth GME
Transforming Our Community

Our Health, Our Neighborhood