Compass Services

Compass Services is a special program offered exclusively at MetroHealth for people living with HIV/AIDS. The program is designed to support and guide people living with HIV/AIDS along the path to wellness.

For more information, contact Jennifer McMillen Smith, LISW-S at 216-778-4051 or [email protected].

Peer Coaches

People living with HIV/AIDS are uniquely qualified to understand, encourage, and support each other. Peer Coaches are people who have been able to successfully manage HIV through the use of medications, supportive services and other resources. MetroHealth's peer support program links “Peer Coaches” with people who need support. Peer Coaches help people who are newly diagnosed with HIV or just beginning medical treatment for HIV. They also sit with people living with HIV/AIDS who are admitted to the hospital.

Newly Diagnosed Counseling

A licensed social worker provides illness adjustment counseling and education to patients who are newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS on MetroHealth inpatient floors and clinics.

Support and Education Groups

Studies show that regular attendance at HIV support groups can improve the well-being and quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. Our education and support groups address specific HIV/AIDS wellness-related topics or target special populations of people living with HIV/AIDS. Support and Education Groups are not exclusive to MetroHealth patients. All people living with HIV/AIDS are welcome. 

Compass Services is made possible through the generosity of The DBJ Foundation, Ryan White Part A, and other generous donors.

Private social media app for young adults living with HIV.

Positive Peers is a private social media app for young adults, aged 13 to 34.

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