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In May 2012, MetroHealth introduced the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, a nationwide recognition program honoring nurses for exceptional care provided to patients and their families.

The DAISY Foundation was formed by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33. His family created the Foundation and the award to recognize nurses for the unparalleled care they provide to patients during the most vulnerable times of their lives.

Since the inception of the DAISY Award at MetroHealth, over 200 nurses have been nominated by patients, peers, and co-workers, and over 30 DAISY Awards have been bestowed to well-deserving nurses.

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Nurse Excellence Awards

Each year, MetroHealth and the Department of Nursing celebrate National Nurses Week with a variety of activities to recognize the nursing staff for their hard work and dedication to the profession. Additionally, the Nurse Excellence Award Ceremony is held during the week to award nursing staff for their contributions in addressing the strategic priorities of the organization. The categories for the awards are in line with the Magnet® Model and the Mission & Vision of the organization.

Below are examples of past awards:

  • Rising Star, recognizing nurses newer to their specialty area who demonstrates commitment to the profession through patient care and continuation of seeking out new knowledge to improve nursing practices-Clinical Excellence and Dedicated Employees & Volunteers.
  • Nursing Preceptor & Mentor, recognizing nurses who demonstrate accountability, clinical excellence, and teamwork and support the education and development of novice and experienced nurses-Education & Research.
  • Transformational Leadership, recognizing nurses who foster a team approach to patient care, understand and respect the diversity of patient, families, and members of the healthcare team, and positively reflect the image of nursing throughout MetroHealth-Clinical Excellence and Operational & Financial Effectiveness.
  • Above & Beyond, recognizing nurses who demonstrates teamwork consistently, provide encouragement, and are positive role models to others-Clinical Excellence and Patient Experience & Engagement.
  • Nursing Community Excellence, recognizing nurses who contribute significantly to the betterment of the community, collaborate with other healthcare and community-based organizations, and demonstrate excellence in caring behaviors-Community Impact.
  • Career Achievement, recognizing experienced nurses who have made a substantial and significant contribution to their area of practice, mentor new staff, and foster a team approach to patient care-Dedicated Employees & Volunteers.
  • Team Excellence, recognizing a group of two or more nurses who demonstrate excellence in clinical performance and are linked in a common purpose where success depends on the contribution of each team member-Clinical Excellence and Dedicated Employees & Volunteers.
  • APRN Excellence, recognizing Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who exhibit excellence in nursing professional practice, exemplary collaboration, and achieve quality patient care outcomes-Clinical Excellence.
  • LPN Excellence, recognizing Licensed Practical Nurses who demonstrate excellence in caring and nursing skills through teamwork and building positive relationships with others-Clinical Excellence.
  • Friend of Nursing, recognizing non-nursing employees who exemplify the essential elements of a Magnet culture, consistently support nurses, and actively promote nursing throughout MetroHealth-Dedicated Employees & Volunteers and Patient Experience & Engagement.
2023-2026 Lantern Award Seal
Lantern Award Recipient

The Lantern Award is a visible symbol of an emergency department’s commitment to quality, safety, a healthy work environment, and innovation in nursing practice and emergency care.