Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Guide

Turn to MetroHealth’s Spine Center physicians for a range of innovative surgical and non-surgical treatments for back, neck, and spine disorders and injuries.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 216-778-3700.

  • We are home to the Northeast Ohio SCI Model System, one of only 14 SCI Model Systems in the United States.
  • Our team is expert-trained in SCI rehabilitation
  • Our SCI unit is the only one in Ohio to accommodate ventilator-dependent patients
  • We are the global leader in implantable neuroprostheses technology that provides persons with SCI upper and lower limb function, trunk stabilization, improved breathing and coughing, and bladder function.
  • We have a strong connection to the community and run programs for individuals with SCI

The goal of SCI program at the MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute is simple: We want to get people with SCI back to life. Whatever your wish — to go back to work or school, to participate in the community, to get back to the activities you love — we’re here to help. As an SCI Model System, we’ve worked for decades to create a program that is recognized as one of the best in the country.

When you come to MetroHealth, you’ll find:

Expert Team: Our staff is made up of doctors with specialty certification in SCI rehab. In addition, all of our nurses, psychologists, social workers and therapists are specialty trained in SCI.

Specialized Facility: We are located on the 6th floor of the Rehabilitation Institute, in a unit dedicated to SCI rehab. Our rooms are all specially equipped to accommodate patients with ventilators or tracheostomies. We are the only facility in Ohio that admits ventilator-dependent patients.

Ventilator Weaning: We are experts in helping patients wean off ventilator use. 

Cutting-Edge Treatments: Our doctors are experienced in spasticity management to help patients regain muscle control. We do active research focused on implantable neuroprosthetic devices that restore hand, lung, lower limb and bladder function. Because we do the research that develops new therapies, all of our patients are considered for participation in clinical trials of new treatments.

Community Connections: Our patients don’t leave us once they’re discharged. You remain in the outpatient rehabilitation program as long as you need to. We are also home to the Northeast Ohio chapter of the United Spinal Association. Members meet monthly to socialize, attend medical lectures and meet with vendors of new products for people with SCI.

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