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Spine Center

Innovative Treatment for Back, Neck and Spine Injuries and Disorders

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Real solutions for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Do you still have pain after back surgery?

You could have what’s called “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.” This means that back surgery failed to meet your expectations of pain relief. But there’s no reason to give up hope. 

MetroHealth’s spine pain specialists are experts in treating Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. 

  • They will work with you to find the cause of your pain.
  • Our spine specialists will help you achieve relief from pain by using a customized approach based on your history and ongoing symptoms. 
  • Treatment options can include injections, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medication, physical strength building, exercise, or surgery for more serious injuries. 
  • We offer a broad spectrum of surgical options, starting with the most minimally invasive back surgery all the way through to complex revisions based on the you needs and problem.
  • Our Spine Center team consists of physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors (physiatrists), interventional pain management specialists and spine surgeons, as well as nurses and therapists who are experts in non-surgical and back surgery options. 

Turn to MetroHealth for spine pain management.

Call 216-778-3700 for more information or to make an appointment.

Treatment Options

We work with you to find the best solution for your sever back pain.

At your first visit, you will be seen by a provider who will examine you and ensure you get to the right specialist to best meet your needs, so you quickly get on a path to recovery.

Our team provides a full range of care from surgery to non-surgical options, including spine therapy and rehabilitation.

If needed, we will collaborate with other medical departments and specialty areas to provide the best treatment plan for you.

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MetroHealth Spine Center

Tailored Approach to Treat your Back, Neck, and Spine Disorders or Injuries

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