Home Sleep Studies

If your physician recommends a sleep study, we encourage you to do it.  A Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) is a limited channel sleep test performed in your home and used to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). 

The MetroHealth Sleep Center uses one of three devices for the HSAT: 

Resmed Apnealink Air 


Natus Embletta MPR 


Itamar WatchPAT 


Each HSAT device is a bit different. Some use various discs with wires attached called leads to detect heart rhythm. Some use stretchy bands will be placed around your chest and stomach to detect breathing as well as two small sensors positioned near your nose and mouth to detect nasal and oral breathing and an oxygen monitor on your index finger to detect your oxygen levels. One uses primarily a wrist monitor with an oxygen sensor on your finger. None of the leads or sensors hurt, irritate or damage your skin. 


Please Note: Response times for scheduling and follow up results may be delayed at this time. We appreciate your patience.

Night Sleep appointments start at 9 pm and end at 6-6:30 am, seven nights a week. Day Sleep appointments start at 7 am and end at 4-4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.

Please use MyChart or call 216-778-5864 during normal weekday business hours (8 am to 5 pm) to schedule or reschedule your sleep study

How to prepare for the Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT)

  • Videos: Your Healthcare Provider will prescribe one or more online EMMI programs for you to review prior to your sleep study. 
  • ID: Please bring a valid photo ID and Insurance card for identification purposes.  The Sleep Lab needs to correctly identify each patient prior to an HSAT. 
  • Nutrition: Eat your normal breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Avoid caffeine after 2 pm, avoid napping the day of the test, and avoid alcohol on the night of the study. 
  • Medications: Please remain on schedule with your daily medications unless otherwise instructed by your physician. If taking sleep aids/pills on the night of the HSAT, please report it in the paperwork and let your Sleep Technician know when you drop off your HSAT device.    
  • Hygiene: Shower and only use light oils/lotions on your skin and hair. 
  • Attire: Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing such as gowns, pajamas, t-shirts with shorts or jogging pants. 
  • Special Assistance and Accommodations: If an individual is not able to place a HSAT device on him or herself, and/or needs an aide, relative, spouse, significant other, etc. to pick up the device and/or place the device and sensors on, please make sure the scheduler and the Sleep Lab are aware before the time of the appointment. 

Home Sleep Apnea Test Device Pick-up and Drop-off 

There are two options available when receiving the Home Sleep device: In-person or mail delivery. 

HSAT in-person pick up phone numbers and times

For patients that can’t make it during those times, then upon request the sleep lab will have your device ready for pick up at 9pm at night on the above-mentioned days and at the above-mentioned sites. 

The Sleep Technicians will demonstrate to the patient how to perform the test, including how to use the device and all equipment properly. The patient goes home with the HSAT device and paper instructions along with numbers for troubleshooting. The patient performs the test on the night that they pick up the device and returns it the next day to the Sleep Lab. The data obtained is stored on the device and is uploaded at the sleep center the following day.  Once returned, the technician will download the device and create a detailed report based on the results.   

HSAT Device drop off phone numbers

Devices are expected to be returned before noon at each site the following day. 

If a patient can’t drop off the device the next day, then please call the sleep lab at the number listed below to make arrangement for drop off: 

Mail Delivery of HSAT 

For home mail delivery, instructional videos are located at the online inks mentioned under each device type and are to be used as a guide to how to set up and use the device. Upon completion of the sleep study, place the device and completed forms in the provided return package with postage and mail it back.  This should be done the day after the study is completed. Failure to return equipment may result in delay of your results and monetary penalties covering the cost of equipment. 

HSAT Results 

Results will be available in 3 - 4 weeks post study. 

The Sleep Techs cannot discuss with you or answer any questions about the results of your Sleep study, as it is required to be “scored” and then reviewed by a Sleep Physician first.

If you are not a Sleep Clinic patient, you can still schedule an appointment to see one of our Sleep Providers to review the results of your study. Based on the results, the provider will determine if any medical equipment is needed.  

If you are an existing Sleep Clinic patient, your Sleep provider will contact you with your results through MyChart or by phone to schedule a follow up appointment.  If you have questions about your results or need to contact the office to schedule an appointment with a Sleep provider, please call 216-778-5864

Addresses and Driving Instructions for Pick Up and Drop Off

MetroHealth Center for Sleep Medicine (adults and children)
MetroHealth Main Campus
2500 MetroHealth Drive
Cleveland OH 44109

  • Enter through the Emergency Department Entrance 
  • Take "C" elevators to the 3rd floor 
  • Check-in at Heart & Vascular, Pulmonary waiting area 

MetroHealth Center for Sleep Medicine
Aloft Cleveland Beachwood
1010 Eaton Blvd.
Beachwood, OH 44122

  • Park in front of the hotel 
  • Enter through the lobby 
  • Take elevators to the 4th floor, suite #448

MetroHealth Center for Sleep Medicine
Sonesta, Middleburg Heights
17525 Rosbough Blvd.
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

  • Make right into Sonesta Suites and drive toward three story brick building
  • Look for MetroHealth sign in lobby window, park vehicle and enter lobby
  • Call 216-386-6845 informing techs you have arrived
  • One of our techs will come down to escort you to the suite

Please Note: Each of our sites are Accredited by AASM.