Stroke Rehabilitation Guide

  • The MetroHealth System is a Joint Commission Comprehensive Stroke Center, the highest level of stroke care certification in the United States
  • We are the only acute inpatient stroke rehabilitation unit in Northeast Ohio
  • Rehabilitation begins while patients are still in the hospital, in order to maximize benefit
  • MetroHealth is the global leader in the development of functional electrical stimulation therapies to facilitate recovery from paralysis and treat stroke related pain.

When you have a stroke, where you go for treatment and rehabilitation matters. In Northeast Ohio, the clear choice is MetroHealth. When you choose us, you choose:

Rehab from the start: For our patients, rehab begins while they’re still in the hospital. Our rehabilitation doctors and therapists assess every patient in the stroke unit or neurocritical care unit to start setting up a rehab program. When you’re ready, you can transfer to the dedicated inpatient stroke unit on the 7th floor of the Rehabilitation Institute to continue your recovery.

Specialized team: All of our doctors, nurses, psychologists, and therapists are specialty-trained in stroke rehabilitation; this isn’t something other rehabilitation facilities can say. We are experts in managing all of the complications of stroke, including paralysis, language difficulty, swallowing problems and the emotional issues that come with having a stroke. Caring for stroke patients is all we do.

Cutting-edge treatments: Our doctors are world leaders in development of new therapies for stroke rehabilitation, so our patients get access to treatments not available anywhere else. We are experts in functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy, which is proven to improve motor function and reduce pain. All of our patients are considered for participation in clinical trials of new therapies.

Ongoing care after discharge: We don’t say goodbye once patients go home. All of our patients
are followed by our outpatient rehab team for at least a year after discharge. Whether you need physical, occupational therapy or speech therapy, psychological support or assistance getting a wheelchair or learning to drive again, we are here to help.

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