Our Team

Agnieszka Ardelt, MD discusses a case with the Department of Neurology medical team 

Our clinical team and academic staff include­­­­:

  • Neurologists
  • Neuro-intensivists
  • Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)

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Clinical Staff


MetroHealth / Case Western University School of Medicine Affiliation

MetroHealth and Case Western Reserve University Logos presented next to each otherAs a teaching hospital, we have been associated with CWRU School of Medicine since 1914.

During this 104-year affiliation, we have trained thousands of physicians, many of them renowned in their fields throughout Cleveland and the world.

All of our active staff physicians hold faculty appointments at CWRU School of Medicine.

Our researchers work with CWRU in key areas of scientific discovery and biomedical technology.

In the last year, we trained:

  • 1,200 medical students and nurse practitioner, physician assistant, anesthesia assistant, bioethic, podiatry and informatics students
  • 600 residents/fellows rotating from other institutions
  • 395 MetroHealth residents/fellows


Innovation + Technology

MetroHealth (formerly the Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital) has an illustrious clinical neuroscience history spanning more than a half century and featuring legendary figures like Maurice Victor, MD (neurology), Betty Banker, MD (neuropathology), and Robert White, MD, PhD (neurosurgery). Dr. Victor was the founding director of the Department of Neurology.


Comprehensive Stroke Treatment

MetroHealth provides the highest level of stroke care available to residents of Northeast Ohio.


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