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Life Flight Helicopter Appearance on Field

Community outreach is very important to Metro Life Flight. We strive to accommodate the many requests we receive to attend community events, however, our main objective is to always be readily available to meet the needs of critically ill and injured patients.

  • Requests should be submitted 30 days prior to the event to provide sufficient time to plan and prepare
  • There must be a safe and secure landing zone / parking area so our team can immediately depart if requested for a patient mission
  • If an aircraft is requested, the contact information must be provided for the landing zone commander and first responder agency that will assist with the landing zone
  • Operational safety prohibits Metro Life Flight from attending certain events such as church, scouting, or school/daycare events
  • All requests are subject to approval by the Metro Life Flight operations team

If you are interested in having Metro Life Flight provide continuing education or attend a public safety training, community event, hospital open house, or prom promise/mock crash event, please submit a request.

Request Appearance