Our Services

MetroHealth Life FlightHelicopter

Metro Life Flight is different from other air medical programs because of the dynamic configuration of our clinical flight team which consists of emergency / critical care physicians, acute care nurse practitioners and registered nurses. This knowledgeable team offers high level medical decision making not constrained by protocols and provides advanced clinical care including lifesaving procedures, ultrasound, and immediate access to emergency blood products (whole blood, liquid plasma, packed red blood cells) for critically ill or injured patients who require rapid transport.

Metro Life Flight's EC-145 aircraft are designed to achieve the highest standards in safety and performance and are built specifically for the missions we fly. Equipped with the latest avionics and safety equipment including dual-engines, instrument flight (IFR) capability, GPS approaches into local hospitals, autopilot, night vision goggles, terrain awareness warning system, cockpit voice and data recorders, satellite tracking and on-board weather radar, Metro Life Flight exceeds all Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board recommendations for the Helicopter EMS industry. 

In conjunction with the advanced avionics and auto pilot systems, Metro Life Flight continues to staff our aircraft with two instrument-rated pilots in order to maximize the safety of our passengers, crew and the public.

Metro Life Flight's aircraft are operated by Metro Aviation Incorporated, who hold a FAA Part 135 certificate for aviation operations. 

MetroHealth Life FlightGround – Critical Care

Metro Life Flight has two dedicated ground mobile ICU’s available for adult and pediatric critical care patient transfers. The team consists of experienced registered nurses and critical care paramedics. A Metro Life Flight critical care ground team is available around the clock and offers the same advanced clinical care provided by our flight team. The standards for Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) ground transport are always met and exceeded.

Like the aircraft, the critical care ground team can be supplemented with neonatal specialists, cardiac perfusionists, respiratory therapists or additional medical crew as the mission dictates.


Ground – Advanced Life Support (ALS)

The Metro Life Flight ALS teams are staffed with experienced paramedics and are available for adult and pediatric interfacility transports. The ALS ambulances are equipped with state of the art safety features, and the ALS teams are available to provide safe, high quality care and transport to patients throughout the region.

Communication Center

The Metro Life Flight communication center (FCO) is located on-site at MetroHealth Medical Center and is staffed with communication specialists who live locally and are knowledgeable about the region. Our communication specialists coordinate all aspects of scene and interfacility transfer requests, perform flight following and are a vital part of our team’s success and keeping our patients and crews safe.

Auto-Launch and Auto-Accept Process

For ACUTE patients requiring rapid transfer, call Metro Life Flight (1-800-233-5433) to facilitate auto-launch and auto-acceptance. Auto-launch is the quick and rapid dispatch of an aircraft before obtaining additional information such as patient destination.

Metro Life Flight transports patients to any appropriate tertiary care facility, however, to provide ease of access for referring physicians, MetroHealth will automatically ACCEPT the following patient conditions transported by a Metro Life Flight team.

  • Trauma
    All ages with acute traumatic injury
  • Acute Cardiac Emergencies
    Acute MI
    Resuscitated Cardiac Arrest
  • Neurology
    All Intracranial Hemorrhage
    All strokes with: Anterior Circulation <6 hours or Posterior Circulation <12 hours
  • AAA
    Patient with BOTH hemodynamic instability AND suspicion for AAA or known hx of AAA
  • Pediatrics
    Any child younger than 18 with acute injury or requiring ICU admission