Gastroenterology Tests We Offer

The Gastroenterology Division at MetroHealth offers a full suite of GI tests for patients, and we're available in several locations throughout Northeast Ohio.

This is a short list of the diagnostic and therapeutic services we offer. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the treatments we provide. If you have a patient in need and you do not see a required test on this list, please call us for more information.

To refer a patient, call 216-778-5736 or fax referral paperwork to 216-778-4873.

The following services are provided in our GI Diagnosis and Motility Laboratory.  

Endoscopic Procedures Offered

  • Balloon enteroscopy
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  • Endoscopic ultrasound or echo-endoscopy
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Therapeutic endoscopy, such as balloon dilation, pneumatic dilation, stent placements, EMR, ESD, mucosal ablation and others 
  • Upper endoscopy

Motility Testing

  • 24-hour impedance-pH test, for those with typical or atypical symptoms of GERD who are NOT responsive to double-dose PPI
  • 24-hour pH test, to confirm the diagnosis of GERD in patients with heartburn or any extraesophageal manifestation of GERD (asthma, cough and laryngitis)
  • Fibroscan, for patients with liver disease requiring staging of liver fibrosis
  • Helicobacter pylori breath test, to confirm eradication of H. pylori after adequate treatment
  • High-resolution anorectal manometry with balloon expulsion, for people with fecal incontinence or constipation
  • High-resolution esophageal manometry, for anti-reflux surgery candidates and for people with dysphagia, noncardiac chest pain and GERD-related typical or atypical symptoms
  • Hydrogen breath test, to confirm the presence of bacterial overgrowth, lactose intolerance and fructose malabsorption
  • Smartpill, to evaluate patients for abnormal gastric emptying and small bowel, colonic or whole bowel transit
  • Wireless Bravo pH capsule, to confirm the presence of GERD in patients with heartburn or extra/atypical manifestations of GERD
  • EndoFLIP for patient pre- and post-endoscopic or surgical intervention for achalasia or high-resolution esophageal manometry for evaluation of dysphagia, non-cardiac chest pain, and GERD-related typical or atypical symptoms.

Other GI Services Offered

  • Fibroscan
  • Liver biopsy
  • Paracentesis


To refer a patient, call 216-778-1587 or fax referral paperwork to 216-778-4873. Find more in-depth information about our process, see Referral a Patient.