Recovery Services

Call us to talk with our specialists and begin your recovery at 216-778-4428.

Recovery Services

Call us to talk with our specialists and begin your recovery at 216-778-4428.

Recovery Services

MetroHealth and Recovery Resources have partnered to make access to mental health and addiction services easier for our patients.

Our partnership makes it easy for you to continue receiving care at MetroHealth even if you go to Recovery Resources for behavioral health services.

Schedule an Assessment


  • Substance Use Assessments
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Individual Addiction Counseling

We individualize the treatment to the unique needs of each client, and the program length is based on individual progress.

Treatments for substance use disorders utilize FDA approved medications to address and treat substance use disorders such as opiate, alcohol and nicotine use. We offer MSUD for opiate use disorders with both Buprenophine (Suboxone) and Naltrexone (Vivitrol), and MSUD for alcohol with Naltrexone. We combine medication with the behavioral health treatments we offer to maximize chances of successful recovery.


Anyone 18 years or older with a substance abuse problem who is willing to participate in treatment. 

Focus Areas

  • Substance use management
  • Stress and mood management
  • Relationship issue management
  • Trauma Recovery 

Insurance Coverage

MetroHealth Medical Center accepts all Ohio Medicaid plans, works with most major insurance companies.  We offer finance options for treatment costs not covered by insurance.

Our Staff

Our staff diverse staff of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counselors and interns provides consultation and direct services. Care Navigators and nurses are available to provide additional support during treatment. 

Our location within the The MetroHealth System gives us the ability to provide comprehensive care for the multiple mental and physical complications often associated with substance use disorders.

MetroHealth Recovery Services Locations

MetroHealth Parma Medical Center
12301 Snow Road
Parma Ohio 44130

MetroHealth Broadway Health Center
6835 Broadway Ave
Cleveland, OH 44105

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