Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health

Call 216-778-3745 to speak with a specialist. 

For mental health emergency after hours, call 216-778-7800 and ask to speak with the psychiatry resident on call.


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MetroHealth's Center for Behavioral Health — Child & Adolescent Services is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists who are specialists in caring for children and adolescents under age 18 years. 

These providers have teamed up to more efficiently provide mental health and behavioral services for children and youth experiencing emotional behavioral, or adjustment problems.

Make an Appointment

Call 216-778-3745 to speak with an intake specialist.

If your child is an existing patient with a mental health emergency after hours, call 216-778-7800. Ask to speak with the psychiatry resident on call.

You can also access child & adolescent psychology providers during appointments with your child’s pediatrician at the Main Campus Pediatric Clinic (216-778-2222).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your locations?
We provide services at several MetroHealth locations including: Main Campus Medical Center, Beachwood Health Center, Thomas F. McCafferty Health Center, and Middleburg Heights November Family Health Center.   Does my child’s insurance cover the services?

Check with your insurance company. An appointment may require a referral. Call us with questions at 216-778-3745.

How do I check insurance coverages?
On the back of most insurance cards is a telephone number listed for "Mental Health and Chemical Dependency (or Drugs) Services." Call the number and ask them. If they say your policy does not pay for your child to be seen here, ask them how you can get the MetroHealth providers on the panel. If they say they can't, ask where you can take your child. If you have any questions, call us at 216-778-3745.

MetroHealth Child & Adolescent General Services

  • Diagnostic evaluations of children under age 18 with behavioral and emotional concerns such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, aggressiveness, school problems, peer issues, adjustment to medical problems, and learning problems.
  • Neuropsychological assessments and testing.
  • Individual psychotherapy including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), parenting interventions, supportive counseling and other treatments.
  • Group dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for teenagers

MetroHealth Child & Adolescent Specialty Services

  • The MetroHealth Autism Assessment Clinic (MAAC) evaluates children for autism spectrum disorders as young as 24 months. Our experts meet one-on-one with kids to diagnose behavioral issues, and we pull together personalized treatment plans that can help children—and families—move forward.
  • Kidz Pride is a clinic designed for transgender and gender diverse kids and teens. We partner with pediatrics and endocrinology to provide comprehensive services for these patients. This unique program feeds into MetroHealth's Pride Network, which offers a full range of mental, physical and hormonal care for adults.
  • Bilingual Spanish providers are available.
  • Telehealth behavioral health services
  • Psychology providers are embedded in many of the pediatric medical clinics.  Ask your pediatrician at MetroHealth for more information.

What To Expect From a Psychiatry or Psychology Appointment

Icon picture of a paper and pencilSave time.  Before your first appointment, parents will need to fill out our information sheet. Taking care of this ahead of time will simplify your visit.

You'll be asked to sign a general release. This will allow us to communicate with your insurance carrier and your child's health care providers, including your child's pediatrician.

All  information about you and your family is strictly confidential.

Keep in mind that psychiatric and psychological care calls for different consents from regular pediatric treatment. MetroHealth may require permission from both parents for behavioral health services when there is a shared parenting custody agreement.

Children under age eight cannot be left alone in our waiting room.

Suicide Prevention Hotlines

If you are having suicidal thoughts, please go to your nearest emergency room.

To speak with someone now, see Frontline Services or Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Medication Refills

You must have a written prescription for refills. A two-day notice is required for all refill requests.

Our Doctors

Melissa Armstrong-Brine, Ph.D

Melissa Armstrong-Brine, Ph.D


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Beth A. Bacon, LISW-S

Beth A. Bacon, LISW-S

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Shivnaveen Bains, MD

Shivnaveen Bains, MD


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Deborah I. Casciato, LISW-S

Deborah I. Casciato, LISW-S

Social Work

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