Behavioral Health In-Person vs. Virtual Visits - How to Choose Care

Your MetroHealth Behavioral Health care team is always here for you, whether it’s in-person or through a virtual visit. 

A virtual visit—sometimes referred to as a telehealth visit—lets you meet with your health care provider by video or phone. This allows you to get the care you need, when you need it.

Benefits of a Virtual Visit

  • Meet with your provider in the  privacy of your home. 
  • No need to travel or deal with parking.
  • Avoid coming into contact with other patients who may be sick.


How to Access Care By Appointment Type

Appointment Type In-Person Virtual (Video) Virtual (Phone) 
Intake appointments  
New patient visit with counselor  
Establishing care with new medication prescriber  
Follow-up visits with established counselor
EMDR counseling appointments  
Routine medication visits
Follow-up care for some psychiatric medications    
Follow-up medication appointments requiring physical exam, injections or vital signs    
Outpatient follow-up after discharge  


If you’re not sure what visit type is best for you, call 216-778-4428 or MyChart message your provider today.


woman talking with doctor on computer video call
Virtual Care

Not every medical visit needs to take place in person. For some health care needs, a virtual visit can be a fast, easy and convenient option.

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