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Preparing for Surgery

Welcome to MetroHealth Medical Center, one of the area's most advanced surgical facilities. This information will help prepare you for your upcoming surgery, in order to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. Please be sure to read these instructions completely.

Confirming Your Arrival and Surgery Time

Before your surgery, a nurse will call you to confirm your arrival time. Or, you may call (216)957-6452 one business day (Mon-Fri) before your scheduled surgery, between 1-3 p.m. The nurse will review pre-operative instructions, answer your questions, and give you parking information and directions to MetroHealth.

Pre-arrival Instructions

  • Report any changes in your health - If within two days of your surgery, you develop a cold, fever, sore throat, cuts or sores around the surgical site, or any other problems that you think may be of concern to your surgeon, be sure to call your doctor.
  • Arrange for a ride - An adult relative or friend must drive you home following your surgery. If you are using the MetroHealth van service, or are taking a cab, you must have a responsible adult accompany you home following surgery. For your safety, the surgical staff may cancel your surgery if this cannot be arranged.

Before Your Surgery: Do's and Don'ts

In addition to the following guidelines, be sure to follow any special instructions from your surgeon, for example, bowel prep, etc.
Eating, Drinking, Smoking

Do Not...Drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours before surgery.

Do Not...Smoke, eat or drink beverages after midnight the night before your surgery, including water, unless otherwise instructed.

Do Not...Take anything by mouth after mid­ night, including chewing gum, breath mints or candy.

Glasses, Contact Lenses, Dentures

Do...Bring a case for holding glasses, contact lenses and dental appliances.

Do...Plan on removing all non-permanent dental appliances.

Clothing and Jewelry

Do...Wear easily folded, comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes

Do Not...Wear rings, earrings, body jewelry, etc.


Do Not...Take any medications on the day of surgery without permission. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medications.

Do...Bring all your medications with you the morning of surgery, including over-the-counter medications and vitamin, mineral or herbal supplements.

Do...On the day of surgery, tell the anesthesiologist and nurse about any medications that you were given permission to take with a small sip of water.

Personal Hygiene

Do...Shower, bath and brush your teeth before your surgery.

Do Not...Shave any area where the surgery will occur; it can increase your chance of infection.


Do Not...Wear clips, pins, rubber bands or barrettes; hair should be worn loose.

Do Not...Use hair spray.

Do Not...Wear wigs or hairpieces.

Personal/Personal Care Items

Do...Remove false nails, tips and wraps from at least one finger, preferably the index or middle finger. This will enable us to accurately monitor your oxygen level during surgery.

Do Not...Wear makeup, perfume, nail polish, creams, lotions or deodorant on the day of surgery. Have your family bring your personal care articles after surgery if you will be admitted or placed on a unit for observation.

Do Not...Bring valuables, credit cards or a large amount of cash. A small amount of cash and a prescription card may be necessary for filling a prescription.

Special Needs

Asthma Patients: Bring all asthma inhalers with you the morning of your surgery. You may use your inhalers if needed.

Diabetic Patients: Inform the staff upon check-in that you are diabetic. Follow any instructions given to you regarding your insulin or diabetic medications.

Hearing Impaired: Wear your hearing aid appliance on the day of your surgery to ensure you are able to hear all the information we need to communicate to you.

Orthopedic Patients: Bring any walking aids that you may need, such as crutches, walkers or canes.