Epilepsy Program Offers Resources to Patients

 Epilepsy Highlights

  • Approximately 3.4 million people in the United States have epilepsy (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Epilepsy is a chronic disorder with the main symptom of recurrent, unprovoked seizures.
  • Epilepsy is a neurological disease that results in seizures or brief surges of uncontrolled synchronous electrical activity in the brain. 
  • A person is diagnosed with epilepsy if they have two or more unprovoked seizures or one unprovoked seizure with an abnormal EEG or MRI.
  • Causes vary, ranging from neonatal injuries, stroke, tumors, traumatic brain injury or other conditions.
  • In some cases, there is no known cause.

Epilepsy Practice Highlights

  • The Epilepsy team is also consulted to evaluate and guide care to patients on the trauma and inpatient service teams.  
  • Two nurse practitioners, as well as a dedicated specialty nurse and medical team assistants. 
  • Multi-disciplinary care team (behavioral health, social work, physical therapy, rehabilitation) 
  • Additional services include focus on pregnant patients 

Epilepsy: More Common Than People Realize

About one in 26 people develop epilepsy in their lifetime.

The MetroHealth Epilepsy Center providers and staff want to ensure that those with epilepsy in our community have access to the care, resources and education they need to lead healthier lives. We want to make sure that no one falls through the cracks, and we strive to provide comprehensive care and access to newer medications.

We want to ensure that each patient is on the right medications for them so that they can have fulfilling lives. And if medications aren’t working, there are other ways to optimize care. This could include a surgically implantable device that sends electrical currents to control seizures in the brain or nerves.

Working with Community Organizations 

In addition, there are two prominent non-profit organizations in our area – Empowering Epilepsy and The Epilepsy Association – that provide services and information. MetroHealth's Epilepsy program intends to foster more collaboration with these organizations.   

Welcoming New Patients

Virtual video visits and in-person appointments are available at our Main Campus, Cleveland Heights Medical Center and Parma Medical Center locations.

To learn more, call 216-778-3958.