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Community Event Appearances and Support Funding

MetroHealth has been committed to caring for all in Greater Cleveland, inside and outside of our hospital walls, for almost 200 years.

We are proud to partner with organizations advancing the health and wealth of our communities in alignment with our mission and vision.  In addition to system community health programming, MetroHealth also supports initiatives, programs, and events through event appearances, partnerships, and funding to non-profit organizations throughout the year. 


Community Partnership: Event Appearances

MetroHealth participates in community events such as health fairs and festivals throughout Greater Cleveland in support of our partners connecting with community, advancing health equity, and addressing the social drivers of health.

MetroHealth may be able to provide:

  • Health information and access to services
  • Onsite health screenings (limited availability)

We request a 60-day notice to attend an event.  We will consider events with shorter notice. Submitting a request does not guarantee MetroHealth will attend an event. For a variety of reasons, we may not be able to accommodate a request.

How to Request a Community Event Appearance


Community Partnership: Funding or Sponsoring an Event/Initiative/Program

Events, programs, and initiatives must align with MetroHealth system priorities and goals to advance health equity and community engagement to be considered for funding. Each year MetroHealth receives more requests than funding availability. Funding should be considered as limited opportunities and not anticipated to be available to support long-term sustainability.

MetroHealth will not support:

  • Individuals
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Religious Activities
  • Political activities or campaigns
  • Organizations without current 501(c)3 tax exempt status

Funding Criteria

Mission Alignment

The mission of the organization requesting support and its proposed use of funds must align with MetroHealth’s mission and values.

Priority Areas

Request must relate to one or more priority areas and illustrate how MetroHealth’s investment will advance the health and wealth of communities:

  1. Healthcare: Increase access to healthcare
  2. Social Drivers of Health: Increase access to services and resources that address root causes of health disparities such as access to fresh and affordable food, safe and affordable housing, high quality education, workforce development, social and community connectedness, economic stability, social connectedness, and community conditions.
  3. Health Equity: Support efforts to address systemic inequities

Priority Health Issues

Additional consideration will be given to events/initiatives/programs that align with MetroHealth’s system priorities and target populations with higher rates of poorer health outcomes.

Current priorities include mother/baby health, addiction and behavioral health, trauma and violence prevention, youth development.

Robust Partnership 

MetroHealth prioritizes partnership opportunities that build long-term relationships with community organizations for sustainable change. There should be opportunities for a mutually beneficial partnership beyond a once-a-year event. 

Organizations should consider opportunities to partner with the health system beyond funding opportunities. Where feasible, funded organizations may be requested to partner with relevant MetroHealth programming and activities.

Budget/Sponsorship Request

MetroHealth reviews the reasonableness of funding requests for alignment with mission and opportunities for engagement and recognition. 

Accountability - Organizations awarded a grant must agree to provide an after event/initiative/project report detailing the use of funds and outcomes of the sponsored activities. MetroHealth will also review the history of funding and outcomes for a requesting organization.

Review Cycle

Application submission does not guarantee support. Applications should be submitted well in advance of the start date of your event/initiative/program.

Applications will be reviewed on the following cycle:

Applications Submissions Decision By Funding Available Starting
1st Quarter January 1 - February 29 March 31 April 1
2nd Quarter March 1 - May 31 June 30 July 1
3rd Quarter June 1 - August 31 September 30 October 1
4th Quarter September 1 - November 30 December 31 January 1

How to Request Funding



Please contact [email protected]