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Tobacco-Free Workforce

It is of utmost importance to the leadership and staff of The MetroHealth System to provide a healthy environment for our patients, staff and visitors, as well as for our community. We are proud to be a tobacco-free campus and facility, in addition to offering MetroHealthy, an employee wellness program.

>> View MetroHealth's Nicotine Policy

MetroHealth only hires tobacco-free applicants.

External job applicants must confirm that they do not use tobacco products when applying for positions at MetroHealth. Along with regular pre-employment health screenings, new hires are tested for tobacco use; those who fail the screening are welcome to re-apply after 90 days.

Like many health systems and other organizations before us, we are taking this step to ensure a bright future for MetroHealth, our staff and our patients.

Need help quitting smoking?

MetroHealth offers the Freedom From Smoking program of the American Lung Association. Many staff members and patients have found success using this program that combines group support and nicotine replacement therapy. If you are interested, view the class schedule or call 216-778-7503.