Burn Care Center

MetroHealth has the only verified adult and pediatric burn and trauma center in Ohio. 

To learn more about our Burn Care Center, call 216-778-5643.

Burn Care

Burn Care Center

MetroHealth is one of only two burn centers in Ohio verified for the care of both adults and children by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. Our center treats more than 1,700 burn injuries a year, including every imaginable burn—those caused by electricity, lightning, chemicals and smoke inhalation. We also treat injuries you might not think of as burns, like frostbite. With recent advances in care, many people survive burns covering over 75 percent of their bodies. 

Our Burn Care Services

Our highly specialized facilities, equipment and staff allow us to provide a full range of services:

  • Acute burn treatment, including critical care (ICU management), surgical care and dressing changes. 
  • 24-hour outpatient clinic. Not every burn seen at our center requires a hospital stay. That's why we offer an outpatient clinic for patients referred with less severe burns. The 24-hour clinic is open seven days a week, including holidays, and it's equipped to provide safe, effective care for many burns.
  • Treatment for other complex wounds. In addition to our burn care expertise for thermal, chemical, inhalational and electrical injuries, our specialized team treats a variety of other large, complex wounds. These include rare necrotizing soft tissue infections caused by "flesh-eating bacteria," traumatic injuries that often result from vehicle crashes and involve extensive loss of skin, and other extremely complex wounds for which many large hospitals lack the resources to treat. We also have developed a specialized management for frostbite injuries, allowing us to decrease the likelihood of amputations and improve function and quality of life for patients.

Ongoing Rehabilitation: Helping Burn Survivors Recover

  • Adult Burn Survivor Recovery Group
  • Other Support Programs—such as burn camps (offered twice annually) and other recreational activities—help children recovering from burns move forward after their injuries.
  • Services to help improve burn injuries, including reconstructive surgery.
  • Advanced laser treatments for burn scar revision. 

To learn more about our Burn Care Center located at MetroHealth Medical Center, Main Campus, call 216-778-5643.


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