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The MetroHealth Research Institute is assigned over 70,000 square feet of space across the System. The vast majority of the assigned space is in the Rammelkamp Center for Education and Research. This building houses a variety of research programs and all of the programs that require wet-laboratory space. A number of core services and equipment are provided in support of the basic research groups. These include the following:

Rammelkamp Research InstituteLive Cell Imaging

  • Leica Microsystem SP8 Confocal Imaging System for fast dynamic live cell imaging
  • Leica wide field inverted microscope with Hamamatsu camera and Metamorph software
  • Huygens Deconvolution and Colocalization analyzer for 3D imaging

Imaging of Slides

  • Leica Microsystem SPE Confocal Imaging system
  • Nikon E600 microscope equipped with a Spot RT2 camera

Flow Cytometry

  • Beckman Cytoflex equipped with 3 lasers and 13 filters
  • BD Accuri equipped with 2 lasers and 4 filters


  • Perkin Elmer Victor Nivo multiplate reader for assays
  • Spectophotometer
  • Centrifuges
  • LifeCycler 480 PCR
  • UVP Chem Doc
  • Licor Odyssey Imager
  • Leica CM1850 cryostats 
  • Microtome 
  • RMC MTX ultramicrotome

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