Inspire Surgery (Upper Airway Stimulation)

What is it and how does it work?

Inspire surgery, or upper airway stimulation, involves a small implantable pacemaker-like device which stabilizes the throat while sleeping by providing gentle stimulation to throat muscles and allowing the airway to remain open during sleep. 

Inspire therapy is not for everyone and patients will need to meet the following guidelines: 

  • Be 22 years of age or older
  • Have moderate to severe OSA
  • Be unable to use CPAP machine
  • Not for people who are significantly overweight

Other types of sleep surgeries include nasal surgery, surgery for palatal obstruction, and tongue surgery.  

How well does it work?

Several studies have reported on safety and efficacy of upper airway stimulation with high patient satisfaction scores: 

  • Most patients are extremely pleased with their Inspire experience.
  • The surgery is usually better tolerated compared to any other sleep surgery with less pain.
  • Inspire therapy is extremely powerful in improving or even curing patients from OSA.

The device battery lasts approximately ten to eleven years, after which it can be replaced during a brief outpatient surgery.

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