Orthopaedic Research: An Overview and Guide

The MetroHealth Department of Orthopaedics places a strong emphasis on the development, implementation and practice of excellence in research.

Our research is dedicated to the integrity of expert clinical research and is focused on bringing new knowledge in areas of musculoskeletal care and patient rehabilitation. Each day, we work to bring patients tested and measured approaches to care through our mutli-centered studies as well as our independent research. 

The Team

The Orthopaedic Research Department at MetroHealth is made up of the following:

  • practicing clinicians heavily involved in research
  • research staff
  • a partnership with students from Case Western Reserve University

By involving individuals from all levels of care, we can practice research that is both relevant and cutting edge. Our research helps clinicians provide better pain management for patients, more effective courses of treatment for various traumatic injuries, and a deeper understanding of the emotional and social support our Orthopaedic patients need. 

Collaborative Research

Working closely with The Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium (METRC) at Johns Hopkins University, our department is able to participate in and even pilot several large, nationwide research studies aimed at improving the quality of outcome and care in orthopaedic trauma patients. Currently we run four studies with METRC with hundreds of patients enrolled. 

Independent and investigator-initiated research also makes up a large portion of the effort we put into improving patient care and outcomes. It is the desire of the Orthopaedic Research Department here at MetroHealth to support and develop new physicians, medical students, and anyone with a desire to conduct research.