Continuing Education

The Emergency Medical Services Department provides EMS continuing education refresher courses, trauma programs and lectures all across Northeast Ohio’s fire departments, at MetroHealth Medical Center, Middleburg Heights November Family Health Center, and Brecksville Health and Surgery Center. It provides several programs in conjunction with the MetroHealth Simulation Center. Integrating simulation and experiential education into the pre-hospital discipline yields enhanced learning and improved patient care.

David Yarmesch, David Sirl and Christopher Saplak are the EMS Coordinators for The MetroHealth System. They may be contacted to coordinate education, troubleshoot and to answer questions related to MetroHealth.

MetroHealth EMS Continuing Education Schedule

MetroHealth offers a variety of EMT and Paramedic Refresher Courses as well as TECC, AHA, and  ITLS provider courses (in February, May and September).

2024 Course Schedule

EMS Refresher Courses

We offer 3 EMT and Paramedic refreshers every year in February, May and September.

They run the entire month, skills reviews are on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the refresher month and students need to select one of them. Students will receive an email prior to the course to solidify their selected skills date.

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EMS Continuing Education Dissection Series

The continuing education dissection series of courses are brought to your respective fire department privately, taught by our team of Advanced Practitioners. Please call 216-957-6430 for more course information, scheduling and pricing.

More about the Series

  • Airway and Trauma Lab with swine heart, lung and trachea dissection
  • Cardiology Lab with swine heart dissection
  • Neurological Lab with mammalian brain dissection

MetroHealth Medical Center is an Approved Continuing Education Site by the State of Ohio Board of Emergency Services, Approval #1202

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement are an important aspect of pre-hospital patient care and MetroHealth works diligently with all transporting agencies to assure ePCR chart compliance, patient-centered quality and continuum of care feedback. If you or your department would like to discuss the complete and comprehensive receiving capabilities of MetroHealth Medical Center’s Emergency Department, Metro Life Flight and/or any education, continuing education and collaborative medical oversight please call 216-957-6430.

Medical Direction
The MetroHealth System's Department of Emergency Medicine & Emergency Medical Services’ Special Operations Division provides medical oversight and physician support to several regional, federal, SWAT and law enforcement agencies. In addition, Medical Direction is provided to the City of Cleveland Departments of Public Safety by Emergency Medicine attending, Thomas Collins, MD. 

Tactical Emergency Medical Services / Special Operations
As our region's public health entity, we proudly serve our community in a multitude of ways. One of the many ways is through our engagement with our public safety sector. This tactical/medical operations support is done from a federal level, to other Ohio counties and to regional and law enforcement SWAT teams. Our multidisciplinary approach to education, collaboration and community support is consistent with our overall mission at MetroHealth.

Cleveland Metro Life Flight
As the region's premier critical care transport program, Cleveland Metro Life Flight is ready to attend to your needs. Please visit Metro Life Flight's page to learn more about the program or to view CE lectures presented by members of the flight program.

EMS Coordination
MetroHealth works side-by-side with Northern Ohio's pre-hospital providers in an effort to make the transition of patient care from the field to the hospital as seamless as possible. The EMS Coordinators are highly engaged in multiple areas including but not limited to: Emergency Medicine, Cleveland Metro Life Flight, Disaster Preparedness and Special Operations. He is available to coordinate education, troubleshoot and to answer questions related to MetroHealth.