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Virtual Health Talks

Free Virtual Health Talks

The health and well-being of our community have never been more important, and MetroHealth is here to help you stay healthy. Join us for virtual discussions on a variety of health topics, led by MetroHealth providers, and have your own health questions answered live.

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Upcoming Virtual Health Talks

Patient sitting with doctor to discuss care
Focusing on Preventive Care During a Pandemic

Thursday, April 15

MetroHealth Presenter: Erron L. Bell, MD

Keeping up to date on preventative screenings and wellness visits is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. Screenings can detect a variety of medical conditions early on, while they’re still highly treatable. Adults and kids benefit from annual check-ups, screenings and immunizations.

Dr. Bell will talk about what you need to do to take charge of your health during a pandemic and answer some of your questions.

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Space is limited and preregistration is required.

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Past Health Talk Recordings

Woman getting an ear exam
Ear, Nose and Throat Issues You Don’t Want to Ignore

Presented by: David W. Stepnick, MD

Snoring, sniffles, ringing of the ears. When do you need to see a doctor and when can it wait?

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Child running with backpack
Youth and the Ongoing Stress of COVID-19

Presented by: Lisa Ramirez, PhD

It's been a difficult school year – for children and their parents. It’s completely normal to feel stressed or anxious, but there are steps you can take to make yourself and your children feel better. Learn more to find tips to keep your family mentally and physically healthy.

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Photo of covid vaccine vial
Myths, Misconceptions and Hope — All About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Presented by: Amy Ray, MD

There are so many questions about the COVID-19 vaccine: Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe? Is one better than the other? Where and when can I get vaccinated? Watch Amy Ray, MD, explain all of these questions and more.

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Doctor holding up xray of spine
Help Your Spine Feel Fine

Presented by: Jonathan E. Belding, MD

Learn all about the effects of aging on the spine, different spine conditions and options to help you get relief, including options without surgery and without medication.

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Woman examining her skin
“Maskne,” Dermatology Telehealth, Cosmetic Injectables & More

Presented by: Katherine Nolan Lu, MD

Learn about cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer checks, general dermatology and what services are available through telehealth.

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Medical illustration of knee pain
Osteoporosis - More Than Fragile Bones

Presented by: Maria Antonelli, MD

Learn about preventive care for osteoporosis, the factors and medical conditions that increase your risk for the disease, myths and misconceptions, and signs and symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

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Doctor using stethoscope on patient during cardiology visit for heart health
Taking Care of Your Heart

Presented by: Bill Lewis, MD

A healthy heart is important to your overall health – and you’re never too old or too young to take better care of it. Learn about preventive care, signs and symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, especially during COVID-19, and how to protect your heart health over the holidays.

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Woman talking to doctor during telehealth appointment
Talking Telehealth

Presented by: Kathryn Teng, MD, and Albert Ferreira, Director, Telehealth Operations

There’s a good chance your doctors’ visits have gone virtual – and many are expected to stay that way. Our experts addressed patient questions and offered some tips about telehealth appointments.

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Telehealth health talk promotion
Telehealth, In-Person and Emergency – When to Use What Type of Care and Why

Presented by: Wayne Forde, MD

Wayne Forde, MD, talks with Bijou Starr, of WZAK 93.1, about different types of care from telehealth, to in-person and emergency care – when to use what type of care and why.


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Virtual Health Talk on preventing and managing diabetes health talk promotion
Preventing and Managing Diabetes

Presented by: Naima Garden, APRN-CNP

Naima Garden, APRN-CNP, talks with Ro Digga, of Z107.9, about everything you need to know about diabetes.


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Get healthy, stay healthy: conversations with MetroHealth - a virtual education series
The Importance of Screenings

Presented by: Erron Bell, MD

Learn how to overcome barriers that may prevent you from getting a screening, necessary screenings for men, women and children and how to schedule a screening with MetroHealth.

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Get healthy, stay healthy: conversations with MetroHealth - a virtual education series
Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

Presented by: Shanail Berry, MD

Shanail R. Berry, MD, talks with Ro Digga, of Z107.9, about the importance of staying on track with vaccinations, well-childcare, adult health and wellness and Medicare Wellness Visits.

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Healthy women health talk
What It Means to Be a Healthy Woman

Presented by: Christine Alexander, MD, Natalie Joseph, MD, and Deborah Prinz-Gentile, MD, PhD

What does it mean to be a healthy woman? It’s more than having a yearly physical. Being a healthy woman means exercising, eating well, and taking care of your mental health, too.

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boy with mask
Coping with Back-To-School Stress During COVID-19

Presented by: Lisa R. Shah, PhD

It’s back-to-school time, but this year is very different. Are you or your children feeling stress around heading back to school? It’s normal to feel anxious at this time, but there are steps you can take to feel more comfortable.

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Dr. Robert Smith health talk
Dealing with Anxiety and Fears in the COVID-19 Age

Presented by: Robert Smith, PhD

Robert Smith, PhD, offers advice on understanding and managing your emotions surrounding the coronavirus.

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