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For teens, health care can be kind of uncomfortable. Being open about all of the changes that happen during adolescence can be more than a little embarrassing. But at MetroHealth, we believe when it comes to your health and well-being, no topic should be off-limits. And at our teen clinic in Cleveland, you can find that out for yourself.

You can find us in two locations:

Taking Charge of Your Health

Adolescence is a time for big changes. From getting comfortable with your new body, to coping with school and activities, to new types of relationships—there's a lot to handle during these years. And though you might not think so at first, all of these issues can have an impact on your physical and emotional health.

Navigating these changes can sometimes feel overwhelming. But having a doctor who specializes in teens and young adults—whom you can trust—makes it easier. Whether you're dealing with issues like acne or weight gain, STD testing or birth control—or you just feel like you need someone to talk to—the experts at MetroHealth's Adolescent Medicine Clinic can help.

Of course, teen health isn't just about getting help when you're dealing with an issue. It's also about taking steps to stay on top of your health and build good habits for adulthood—like getting regular checkups, maintaining a healthy weight and updating your vaccines. That's where a wellness exam comes in.

What to Expect at Your Wellness Exam

As a child, you might remember going to your pediatrician for a cold or infection, to get vaccines, or to have your height and weight recorded. But as an adolescent, you can work with your care provider to address a wider range of health issues—so you can feel your best both physically and mentally. These can include:
• Physical exams, including physicals for sports or work
• College health, including getting the vaccines you need before going to school
• Sexual health, including STD testing, birth control and teenage pregnancy
• Skin and acne treatment
• Teen mental health services, including counseling for teens and school problems
• Nutritional services, including help for eating disorders and childhood obesity
• Help for substance abuse, including teen drug use, drinking problems and smoking

Compassionate Health Care for Teens in Cleveland

At MetroHealth's Adolescent Clinic, our approach to health and wellness might be a little different than what you're used to. We're the first teen clinic in Cleveland to offer all-in-one care exclusively for adolescents ages 12 to 25. And our doctors, nurses and counselors are specially trained in caring for teens and young adults. They understand the medical issues that matter to you—and they're easy to talk to. Our clinic is a no-judgment zone, so you can always feel safe and comfortable voicing your questions and concerns.

What's more, getting care at our clinic is convenient. Because we collaborate with a range of MetroHealth specialists, you can take care of everything you need in one place. There's no running around and no need to worry about dealing with different providers. So you have more time and energy to focus on what's really important: Your health!


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Margaret M. Stager, MD

Margaret Stager, MD - Division Director of Adolescent Medicine

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