ProMedica Air Partnership with MetroHealth

MetroHealth is operating both Metro Life Flight and ProMedica Air which includes performing the billing process for ProMedica Air as of 8/1/2022. Any bills for transports by ProMedica Air will come from MetroHealth going forward from 8/1/2022.  The billing process is handled internally at MetroHealth and therefore follows MetroHealth's organizational principles around billing: 

  • MetroHealth is strongly committed to always treating our patients with dignity and respect, including throughout the billing process. That commitment extends to patients transported via Metro Life Flight and ProMedica Air.
  • The charges, discounts, and billing processes related to Metro Life Flight and ProMedica Air transports are the same regardless of which hospital system is the origin or destination for the patient.


In Network vs. Out of Network:

MetroHealth seeks to secure contracts with insurance companies whenever possible so that patients’ coverage will be In Network.

Even if MetroHealth  is  unable to secure contracts with the insurance providers, the process should still be seamless from the patient’s perspective as MetroHealth follows all state and federal guidelines regarding patient’s cost-sharing responsibilities:

  • Out-of-pocket costs for commercially-insured patients are determined by their individual plan provisions which specify deductible, coinsurance, etc. and are in accordance with the regulations contained in the No Surprises Act in respect to balance billing.  Generally, out-of-pocket  costs are relatively small for patients and currently average less than $200 unless the insurance plan contains a high deductible.
  • MetroHealth does not bill patients directly if an insurance company determines that the transport was not medically necessary. This is true whether the insurance plan is  In Network or Out of Network.
  • The only difference is with out-of-network health plans, MetroHealth would have to negotiate with the insurance company on a case-by-case basis since there is no predetermined contract. This negotiation has no impact on the patient. In Network Insurance Plans | Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills


Medicare and Medicaid:

  • Patients with Medicaid plans will never pay anything out of pocket for services.
  • Patients with Medicare plans follow federal regulations and are handled the same by all air medical providers. The allowable charges and the amount  of out-of-pocket responsibility for  the patient are solely determined by the individual Medicare plan and will not vary by which air provider transports the patient.


Uninsured Patients:

Patients without insurance are eligible for Emergency Care payment discounts based on MetroHealth’s Financial Assistance Program.  For example, an uninsured patient who lives outside of Cuyahoga County with a family income < 301% of the Federal Poverty Level will pay nothing for their transport.  Reference the full MetroHealth Financial Assistance Program here: Financial Assistance