Pregnancy and Lead

Pregnant woman holding bellyThere is a lot to do to get ready for your new baby! But one thing many parents-to-be don’t think of is lead.

Did you know?

  • Northeast Ohio has one of the highest rates in the country of children affected by lead.
  • Lead can increase the chance of miscarriage. It can cause behavior and learning problems for your child.
  • Most lead exposure comes from paint and dust.

The good news:

There are ways to keep you and your new baby safe from lead!

Get your home inspected now

  • Homes built before 1978 are the most likely to have lead.
  • Rental properties in the City of Cleveland now need to be lead-safe by law! The Lead Safe Resource Center 833-601-5323 can guide you.
  • Live outside of Cleveland or own your home? Hire a certified inspector.

Renovate safely

  • It’s exciting to prepare your home for the baby.
  • But remember that home repairs can create dangerous lead dust!
  • Expecting moms and young children should be out of the home while any remodeling work is being done and until cleanup is completed.
  • Use contractors certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Check this list for certified firms.
  • Families doing the work themselves should follow EPA practices.

Be aware of the risks from certain jobs or hobbies

  • Jobs in construction or manufacturing may expose you to lead. So can hobbies such as home remodeling, pottery or shooting at firing ranges.


  • Ask your provider about a whether you should get a simple blood lead test.
  • Tell your provider if you are having cravings, such as eating dirt or clay, which might contain lead.

For more information

Lead Safe Cleveland Resource Center 833-601-5323

Cleveland Department of Public Health 216-263-LEAD

Cuyahoga County Board of Health 216-201-2000

MetroHealth Lead Coalition 216-386-265