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Brain Injury Rehabilitation Guide

  • MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute’s brain injury program has more than 40 years of experience treating patients with traumatic and nontraumatic brain injuries.
  • Our team is the most highly trained in the region.
  • We are the only acute inpatient brain injury rehabilitation unit in Northeast Ohio, designed and tailored to the unique needs of patients with brain injuries.
  • Our team of therapists can provide therapies for all of the consequences of brain injury, from gait issues to cognitive difficulties.

Brain injury patients have very specific needs. Located on the 8th floor of the Rehabilitation Institute, the region’s only acute inpatient brain injury rehabilitation unit was designed with features critical for our patients:

Safety: The floor is secured 24 hours a day and is under constant supervision.

Quiet: Noise and sensory input can be distracting to people with brain injuries. Our brain injury unit is quiet, with minimal distractions.

Specialized Patient Areas: Patient rooms have adaptations tailored to the behavioral changes that often go along with brain injury. The brain injury unit has its own gym for physical and occupational therapy; this gym is kept quiet as well and we limit access to just a few patients at a time in order to keep distractions low. All speech therapies are also provided on the unit in quiet, private treatment rooms.

Team of Experts: Our team is unique in the region because it consists of highly-trained doctors with certification in brain injury medicine and sports medicine. Our sports medicine certified physicians provide additional expertise in concussions. Our nurses and therapists likewise only work with people who’ve suffered a brain injury. This is all we do, and we’re the best at it.

Unique Therapies: Brain injury can cause many impairments. Our physicians and therapists offer help for all of these, including gait training, visual perceptual therapy, hand-eye coordination, balance therapy, speech and cognitive therapy and swallowing therapy.

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