Flu season is here

Flu shots are available at all MetroHealth pharmacies.

You or your loved ones can walk into our pharmacy anytime to get immunized, or if you prefer, make an appointment on MyChart. We have many convenient pharmacy locations with extended hours for more convenience.

Who needs a flu shot?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends an annual flu vaccination (with rare exceptions) for everyone 6 months and older. Getting your flu shot can help cut flu hospitalizations and flu-related doctor visits by more than 50 percent and keeps everyone healthy.

Two ways to get a flu shot at MetroHealth:

  1. MetroHealth providers offer flu shots for adults and children 6 months and older by appointment. Schedule an appointment with your provider or your child’s provider today.
  2. For your convenience, flu shots are also available at all MetroHealth Pharmacy locations for adults and children 7 and older. Cost is $29.99 for standard flu and $73.99 for the high dose. Most insurance plans accepted. Walk-ins welcome!

*Vaccines should be available at no cost to individuals with Medicare. If the vaccine is not being used for an FDA approved condition, it may not be covered. Check with a MetroHealth pharmacist for details.