Eye Exams

Your eyes play a vital role in everyday life, so regular eye and vision examinations are important. Our specialists perform a thorough, comprehensive eye exam. We ask about your medical history and any previous eye or health conditions. Remember to mention any symptoms you’ve been experiencing. The doctor will check your eye pressure and examine your eyes for signs of disease. You’ll read eye charts to check your visual acuity. Using an instrument called a phoropter, your doctor will place a series of lenses in front of your eyes.

Expect to have your pupils dilated with drops. Dilation gives your eye doctor a better view inside your eye. Dilation usually lasts for several hours, and we provide wrap-around sunglasses afterward to protect your eyes. Most people can drive a vehicle after being dilated. If you have any concerns, however, bring a driver with you to your exam.

If your eye condition requires corrective lenses, you’ll be given a prescription. We offer contact lens fitting services, but do not dispense eyeglasses. There is an independent eyeglass retail shop at MetroHealth’s main campus.

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