Diabetes Self-Management Program

MetroHealth offers diabetes education classes that meet your needs and fit your schedule. Diabetes complications can impact your health, peace of mind and overall well-being. But those complications aren't inevitable. With the right lifestyle adjustments—and key help from your doctor—you can learn to manage the disease and reduce your risk of common complications.

Group and Individual Settings

Our diabetes self-management program starts with a one-on-one evaluation with a diabetes nurse educator. Together, you'll discuss your lifestyle and habits—and identify what should change and what might stay the same. After the initial evaluation, your opportunity to learn about diabetes begins.

We offer group classes that cover issues such as:

  • Controlling blood sugar
  • Diabetes complications
  • Diabetes medications
  • Finding and sticking with an exercise plan that's right for you
  • Foot and skin care
  • Managing sick days
  • Planning meals, counting carbohydrates, reading food labels and dining out
  • Stress management

Controlling your blood sugar can help you prevent diabetes complications and improve your overall health, and new equipment and medications can make monitoring and managing your blood sugar easier than ever. And all those foods you're afraid you can never have again? The good news is that people with diabetes can still eat most foods. At MetroHealth, we teach you how to enjoy them safely.

Group classes are designed to work with your busy lifestyle. If you need more personalized help, we offer individual education sessions, also. Our diabetes nurse educators can provide one-on-one guidance on glucose testing or insulin administration. Our dietitians offer individualized nutrition counseling. We also provide diabetes education to non-English speakers.

Diabetes support groups are available to help you learn about how others handle their diabetes risks, treatments and complications. You can come to meetings regularly and learn from your peers, or you can come to meetings when you need a little more help with something specific.

Our certified diabetes educators know that there's a lot of information to process, and you might need to go over it multiple times. That's why our diabetes educators stay in touch. Whether it's a phone call or a follow-up visit, we want to make sure you have the knowledge you need.

Call 216-778-7835 to make an appointment with a certified diabetes educator.

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