Environment and Equipment

The MetroHealth Simulation Institute's dynamic space offers versatility and convenience to accommodate a wide variety of programs. Highlights include:

  • High-acuity Bays
  • Clinic Exam Room
  • Procedure Area
  • Conference/Debriefing Room
  • Reception/Registration
  • Control Room
  • Exterior Entrance and Driveway


High-acuity Bays (2)

Bays can be configured to represent various clinical environments:

  • ED resuscitation bay
  • Labor and Delivery room
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Inpatient exam room

Clinic Exam Room

  • Set up to mimic an urgent care or outpatient clinic room

Procedure Area

  • Flexible space to allow procedure training
  • Projection screen to allow demonstration videos and debriefing

Conference/Debriefing Room

  • Full presentation capabilities including an interactive “smartboard”
  • View live or recorded simulations


The MetroHealth Simulation Institute is able to offer a wide variety of training programs and learning experiences through numerous pieces of equipment. Available equipment includes:

  • High-fidelity mannikins
    • Allow for more complex training and education through a variety of simulated scenarios
    • Apollo
    • Guamard
    • MetiMan 633
    • Super Tory Infant
  • Blue Phantom Trainers
    • Allow for training of certain procedures/techniques and can be used with ultrasound technology
      • Central Line
      • Paracentesis
      • Vascular Access Blocks
    • Lumbar Puncture training
  • Simbionix
    • GI mentor – allows for training and skill enhancement for both upper and lower gastrointestinal exams
    • 3D ultrasound – allows for practice of FAST exams, TEEs, and OB/GYN exams
  • Ultrasound machines
    • Various models of ultrasound machines to enhance recognition and exam procedures
    • Kosmos
    • Sonosite NanoMaxx
    • Sonosite Titan
    • Sonosite Edge
  • Task Trainers
    • Enhance proficiency of skill associated to one specific task
    • Adult Burnt Airway Head
    • Foley Trainer
    • Laparoscopic Surgery Trainers
    • Lumbar Puncture Infant (Life Form)