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Virtual Care FAQs

Ovatient: MetroHealth’s New Virtual Care Service

MetroHealth has partnered with Ovatient to provide dedicated, high-quality virtual care services for our employees and our community. Ovatient is a virtual-first health care company designed around putting a person – not just a patient – at the center of how they receive care and improve their health. Ovatient's team of dedicated virtual providers and care team members supplement MetroHealth’s care team. By connecting directly to patients’ MyChart and health record, MetroHealth and Ovatient deliver a care experience that is tailored just for you.

  • Virtual Urgent Care: Minor illnesses and injuries that do not require an in-person physical exam or visit to the Emergency Department. A virtual urgent care visit might include sprains, strains, cough/cold symptoms, flu symptoms, rashes, COVID concerns and more.
  • Same-Day Virtual Primary Care: Longer and more comprehensive visits for a broader set of conditions. Providers can provide referrals to specialists when needed.   
  • Scheduled Virtual Primary Care: Perfect for those looking to build a lasting relationship with a virtual primary care provider. These visits allow for in-depth discussions about your overall health, preventive care, and management of chronic conditions. 

 Visit to get on-demand care, schedule an appointment, or get more information about which visit is right for you.

Virtual Urgent Care services are provided 7AM to 10PM, seven days a week.

All Virtual Primary Care services are provided 7AM to 7PM Monday through Friday. 

You will need to be located in the state of Ohio at the time of your visit.

No, our providers are currently licensed in the state of Ohio to provide care. Federal and state regulations require that you are in Ohio to receive virtual care services from our providers. Later this year, our providers will be licensed in South Carolina, which will provide you with an additional option.

Currently, virtual urgent care providers will see patients 6 years and above. All virtual primary care providers see patients 18 years and older. Stay tuned for more information as we look to increase the age ranges for patients we can treat.

Questions about Care

Providers are specially trained to conduct consultations with patients over video visits. During these visits, the provider may ask about symptoms, medical history, and any concerns you may have. They may also provide instructions for self-examination or use specialized equipment that you have access to, such as a smartphone with a high-resolution camera.

When you need to be seen in person for more complex care or receive labs and imaging, your provider will make a referral to the provider of your choice or help make a referral and recommendation for you. Ovatient and MetroHealth providers have access to your medical record, making it seamless for your team of providers to coordinate your care regardless of whether it's virtual or in-person.

Video visits facilitate more natural and interactive communication between healthcare providers and patients compared to telephone calls. You can demonstrate symptoms or show your surroundings, aiding in a better diagnosis and treatment plan. Additionally, healthcare providers can use visual aids or diagrams to explain medical concepts more effectively. If you are unable to conduct a video visit, some conditions can be handled over the phone, but our preference is video whenever possible.

MetroHealth Pharmacy offers home delivery at no additional cost to you— oftentimes within 2-4 hours! We’ll text you when it’s ready. If you prefer another pharmacy, our providers are happy to e-prescribe to the local pharmacy of your choice.

Depending on your condition and your provider’s expert opinion, a wide variety of prescriptions can be prescribed for you during your video visit. However, we do not prescribe controlled substances or opioids.

We do not prescribe controlled substances or opioids.

As part of our Virtual Urgent Care service, we can provide 14-day refills and 1 month refill of birth control.

If the provider determines it is in your best interest to limit your work or school activities, they are happy to furnish you with a note.

Virtual-First Primary Care

Ovatient believes in a “virtual-first” care model. That means prioritizing virtual or remote appointments to deliver primary care to patients. While Ovatient is Virtual-First, this doesn’t mean it is Virtual-Only, as care is connected and coordinated with in-person services based on your needs. 

  • Comprehensive Care: Virtual-First Primary Care aims to provide comprehensive and ongoing care like traditional in-person primary care. It goes beyond addressing immediate concerns and includes preventive care, chronic disease management, and pro-active long-term health planning. 
  • Continuous Relationship: Virtual-First Primary Care fosters a continuous relationship between patients and healthcare providers, building trust and understanding over time. This ongoing connection is crucial for effective primary care. Moreover, Ovatient and MetroHealth are partnering to coordinate care across virtual and brick & mortar care settings. 
  • Integrated Technology: Virtual-First Primary Care often utilizes advanced technology for monitoring and data collection, including the incorporation of smart devices and applications (watches, scales, digital health applications) to allow for better tracking of health metrics and personalized care plans. 
  • Accessibility: It offers increased accessibility, enabling patients to connect with their primary care providers from the convenience of their homes, reducing barriers related to transportation and scheduling conflicts. 
  • Virtual Consultations: Primary care visits take place primarily through video calls but can include phone calls and messaging with a provider over secure communication platforms, such as MyChart. 
  • Health Monitoring: Depending on individual conditions and health needs, you may benefit from the integration of smart devices, like a watch or scale, as well as mobile health applications for monitoring vital signs, chronic conditions, and overall health. 
  • Health History Review: Providers will review your medical history, discuss symptoms, and address preventive care and wellness goals. 
  • Care Plans: Personalized care plans may be discussed, covering treatment options, medication management, and lifestyle recommendations. 

The Virtual Primary Care Providers at MetroHealth are part of a specially trained group of medical professionals from Ovatient. These providers leverage technology to offer comprehensive and ongoing healthcare services, with a focus on virtual consultations, digital health monitoring, and remote patient engagement.

  • Same-day Virtual Primary Care is your go-to solution for unexpected, needs – from sudden illnesses to minor injuries. You can schedule a same-day visit to get rapid access to primary care professionals who can address your health concerns promptly and in more detail.  
  • Scheduled Virtual Primary Care is perfect for those looking to build a lasting relationship with a dedicated primary care provider. You can schedule appointments for in-depth discussions about your overall health, preventive care, and the management of chronic conditions.  
Your provider can place any orders you may need either at MetroHealth or an outside organization of your choice. If you choose to use a service other than MetroHealth, our providers will share a printable order in MyChart with you to take to another lab or imaging center.

If your health concern is of an urgent nature, you can choose “Get Care Now” from your MyChart account or here. By choosing Virtual Urgent Care, you will see a provider who is specially trained in providing virtual urgent care. See our list of conditions and symptoms that are appropriate for Virtual Urgent Care.

Virtual Same-Day Primary Care allows you to connect with a provider for a longer and more comprehensive visit and be seen for a broader set of conditions than are cared for in a Virtual Urgent Care visit. Virtual Urgent Care is a good option for minor illnesses and injuries.

How We Care for You

Sprains and Strains  Medication refill (14 days' supply- max – No controlled substances or Opioids)  Birth control evaluation (1 rx) 
Cough / Cold symptoms  Flu symptoms  Sinus concern 
Sore throat  Pink/red eye  Ear pain/ otalgia 
Low back pain (minor)  Urinary Tract Infection (female only)  Yeast Infection 
COVID concerns  Rash  Insect Bite 
Head Lice  Eczema  Minor Burn 
Cuts and scrapes  Poison Ivy  Sunburn 
Upset stomach  Acne  Cold sore 

If the condition we treated you for isn’t improving, please schedule another visit and let your provider know.  If you are experiencing a life-threatening condition, please go to your nearest Emergency Department or call 911 immediately.

At Ovatient we have assembled a high quality and compassionate care team to meet all of your virtual care needs. From the Care Assistant to the RN, you can expect to receive care from compassionate providers who have been specially trained in providing virtual care.

We treat patients 6 years old and above.

Your video visit will include a provider consultation, virtual exam, any prescriptions the provider deems necessary, as well as any additional diagnostic orders or referrals. Your visit fee does not cover the cost of the medications, lab tests or imaging.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Our virtual visits are designed to prioritize patient safety. 

All our providers are credentialed at MetroHealth with extensive quality oversight.  

We also ensure your safety, privacy and security by implementing robust technical and procedural safeguards. By adhering to established privacy regulations and employing secure communication protocols, we ensure visits are safe and secure for patients and healthcare providers.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Most virtual visits are in-network for any health insurance company that has contracted with MetroHealth. At the time of the visit, you will be asked to enter your insurance information and will only be asked to pay for the co-pay portion of your visit, if applicable.

If you do not have insurance, you can still be seen and will be asked to pay a fixed amount – not to exceed $65.

If you are seen in person at a MetroHealth facility because Ovatient is unable to care for you as part of your virtual visit, you will not be charged for the virtual visit.

If you have insurance, we will collect your insurance information as part of eCheck-in and MetroHealth will bill your visit on your behalf.

You do not have to have insurance to be seen. You will have the option to self-pay via credit card.

We accept all major insurance plans that are in-network for MetroHealth.

If your insurance isn’t listed, we can furnish you with documentation that will allow you to file a claim.

Yes, you can use your HSA account for video visits.

We can furnish you with documentation that will allow you to file a claim with your secondary provider.

During eCheck-in, you will have the option to edit your insurance information. Just click on the pencil icon during the insurance verification portion of eCheck-in.

You will be sent a bill for the visit in the mail.

You can opt to “pay later” and you will receive a bill for the visit in the mail.