School Health Program

When your child needs a physical exam, an immunization or a little help with an ongoing illness, you might start looking for pediatric clinics in Cleveland that can help. And a visit to a doctor could mean missing work, taking a long trip on the bus or both.

At MetroHealth, we want to make sure all children get the health care they need—including children who may not have access to a health care provider. So we have developed a program that brings the power of MetroHealth to a very convenient place: Your child's school. 

For more information, contact your child's CMSD school nurse, or call MetroHealth's School Health Program at 216-957-1303.

You can also email [email protected] for more information.

School Health Program Annual Report

Download the 2020-2021 annual report here


Current School Health Program Clinics

Any child enrolled in these schools listed below can participate in MetroHealth's School Health Program. Here's how to enroll:

  • Download the packet
  • Sign the forms
  • Return the forms to your child's school

Return the forms to your child’s school or email completed forms to [email protected].

We are currently serving the following for the 2021-2022 school year:

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

  • Anton Grdina
  • AB Hart
  • Buhrer
  • Clara E Westropp
  • Garrett Morgan High School
  • Glenville High School
  • Halle
  • Harvey Rice
  • John Adams High School Campus
  • Lincoln-West High School Campus
  • Miles Park
  • Mound
  • Scranton
  • Mary Bethune
  • Ginn Academy 


MyChart School Based Health Services Consent Form QR MyChart - School Based Health Services Consent Form (

School Health Program consent form (en español)

Cleveland Heights – University Heights School District

  • Boulevard Elementary School
  • Canterbury 
  • Cleveland Heights High School
  • Fairfax
  • Gearity
  • Monticello Middle School
  • Noble Elementary School
  • Oxford Elementary School
  • Roxboro Elementary School and Middle School


MyChart School Based Health Services Consent Form QR MyChart - School Based Health Services Consent Form (

School-Based Supplemental Health Services Consent Form (en español)

Positive Education Program

  • PEP – Eastwood
  • PEP – Phoenix

School-Based Supplemental Health Services Consent Form

Saint Martin de Porres

School-Based Supplemental Health Services Consent Form

Urban Community School

School-Based Supplemental Health Services Consent Form (en español)

That's it! Once you complete the consent packet, your child will remain in the program the entire time he or she is enrolled in a CMSD school, although you can withdraw your child by writing a letter to MetroHealth.

Health Care You Can Trust

We give children access to the same basic care services that they would get at the doctor's office. If your child doesn't have a primary care doctor, we can fill that role through this program. If he or she already does have a primary care doctor, that's okay too. We can be your backup when something comes up and you aren't able to make it to the doctor's office.

We can offer your child:

  • Well-child visits (annual physicals)
  • Regular physical exams for school, sports, work or camp
  • Immunizations
  • Care for childhood illness and urgent care visits
  • Care for common concerns like acne, menstrual or weight issues
  • Mental and behavioral health screenings and referrals to in-school services
  • Basic lab testing

Best of all, we make staying on top of your child's care easy. We work with the school nurse to synch up with your child's schedule—so he or she doesn't miss core class time for a medical appointment. We can make referrals and refill your child's medication, if needed. And we make sure you know exactly what's going on by updating you on your child's care over the phone or by sending home a summary of your child's appointment.

You can trust the care your child gets through this program. Our team consists of experienced board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners and medical assistants. We're passionate about children's health—and promoting pediatric wellness within our local communities.

We also work with the MetroHealth Arts in Medicine Program, the MetroHealth Pediatric Wellness Program and the MetroHealth Trauma Department to provide educational programming to kids in our partner CMSD schools. That means your child can learn more about staying healthy without ever leaving school.

Staying Healthy at School

Health and education go hand in hand: It's tough for a child to pay attention and do well in school if he or she isn't healthy. What's more, research suggests that students who have access to health care have better attendance, better management of chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes, and better access to mental health services. And experts know that people who are more educated tend to have better health.

The MetroHealth School Health Program can give your child all these benefits. When it's time for your child to see a provider, just call the school nurse. We will work with that nurse and set up an appointment for your child the next time we come to your child's school. The program is available at no cost to you, and your insurance will be billed (as applicable) at the end of the visit. If you need help with insurance for your child or your family, ask us.

For more information, contact your child's CMSD school nurse, or call MetroHealth's School Health Program at 216-957-1303.

MetroHealth School Health Evaluation Report

MetroHealth School Health Program utilization associated with greater access to primary care, reduced emergency room utilization, reduced absences, higher attendance and higher grade point average.

Download the school health evaluation report