Center for Clinical Informatics Research and Education

A Note from the Director

In 2011, the MetroHealth System created the Center for Clinical Informatics Research and Education (CCIRE) as the home of clinical informatics academic activities. Faculty in CCIRE typically have academic as well as operations informatics roles in The MetroHealth System.  

CCIRE has been involved in over 30 different informatics related grants totaling over $3 million dollars. Most of CCIRE’s research activities fall into one of two areas:

  1. Big data – exploiting a variety of big data tools for discovery include:
    1. MetroHealth Epic electronic health record database (~1.5 million patients over 20+ years)
    2. Epic’s Cosmos Data Network – over 60 million patients
    3. IBM Watson Health Explorys – over 70 million patients
    4. TriNetX – over 50 million patients
  2. Electronic health record innovation – using the Epic electronic health record in novel ways to improve health
Peer reviewed publications of CCIRE

CCIRE is also actively involved in a variety of educational activities including a Certificate of Health Informatics and MS and PhD programs in Biomedical and Health Informatics at Case Western Reserve University as well as a 2-year ACGME-accredited Clinical Informatics Fellowship program at MetroHealth.


David Kaelber, MD, PhD, MPH, FAAP, FACP, FACI, FAMIA
Director, Center for Clinical Informatics Research and Education (CCIRE)