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Wheelchair and Seating Clinic

MetroHealth's Wheelchair and Seating Clinic assists people of all ages, no matter the diagnosis. People come to us due to spinal cord or brain injuries, diseases like multiple sclerosis, or trouble using a walker without falling. Others may be receiving stroke rehab, trauma rehabilitation or amputee therapy.

The clinic is led by an experienced physical therapist who is also a certified assistive technology provider. We work with certified wheelchair vendors. One will be present in the clinic to help recommend equipment you can test-drive. This saves you the time and trouble of making separate appointments. These professionals will also conduct a home visit to make sure your equipment works for you there.

Everyone in our clinic is friendly and caring, working hard to ensure that your purchase process is quick and smooth. They even help you navigate the insurance paperwork required to cover the cost of your chair.

To learn more about our wheelchair clinic services, call 216-778-4414.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding the best equipment to suit your needs starts with a visit with the wheelchair clinic team. We perform a physical therapy evaluation, take measurements, and ask about your daily activities.

When it comes to manual wheelchairs, full-time users may prefer an ultralight model. Those looking for a power wheelchair will find that models can be basic—or quite complex with many features. Some wheelchairs tilt. Others recline. Still others have power leg rests that allow you to elevate your feet with a push of a button. Some have front-wheel drive, and others have a tight turning radius.

Wheelchairs can also be adjusted to make your daily life easier. Modified seats can help reduce the risk of pressure sores. Cushioned backs can help you to stay upright in your chair.