Pediatric Neuropsychology

Many children with health problems develop normally. However some health conditions may put them at risk for delays in development or differences in their thinking and learning. Evaluating and tracking them over time is important. The earlier a concern is identified, the quicker something can be done about it.

Who should get a neuropsychological evaluation?
Many people benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation. At MetroHealth, we serve children (ages 0-21 years) with health problems (now or in the past) that might change the way their brain works.
What kind of health problems can impact development?
Health problems that might affect brain function and development include prematurity, heart conditions/sur­geries, seizures, serious problems breathing, brain injuries and genetic conditions as well as many others.
Why is a neuropsychological evaluation helpful for my child/patient?
  • To monitor development, thinking skills, mood and behavior.
  • To identify the child's specific strengths and challenges.
  • To make recommendations for schools, home, providers and therapies.
What is tested/evaluated?
We test many development and thinking skills, such as intelligence, academics, problem-solving, language, attention, memory, learning, visual spatial skills, motor skills and mood/behavior.
What's the process?
First, a neuropsychologist interviews the caregiver/parent for an hour at our Parma clinic. A testing appoint­ment is then scheduled with the child at our Parma clinic. The child completes tests with a technician while the caregiver/parent completes paperwork. The tests are similar to school tasks or thinking games. In total, the testing typically lasts about four hours.
What happens after the appointment?
Two or three weeks later, a neuropsychologist meets with the family to review results, any diagnoses and recommendations. A detailed report is provided with specific recommendations to help your child. Often, continued monitoring (future evaluations over time) is recommended.
How do I request a neuropsychological evaluation for my child?
Providers can make a referral for a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation by contacting our clinic by phone 440-592-3740, fax 216-957-8437 or MyChart order (Pediatric Neuropsychology Request CON 853).
Parents, please talk to your providers about your concerns for your child and ask for a referral for neuropsychological evaluation.