Financial Privacy Policy

Your Safety Matters

We have tremendous respect for our customers and Web users. We know that people wish to keep their personal information confidential. Consequently, we are providing this Privacy Policy to you so that you understand how we use the information you provide.

I. We record email contact information strictly for our internal use. We do not sell or distribute personal information.

II. We send email regarding your bill availability or we attach the bill to an email depending on the choice you have made. We send confirmation emails regarding payments and certain types of maintenance. Confirmation emails help guard against fraudulent use of the system.

III. We record your use of the system to the extent we are aware of when log-in occurs. We also keep statistics about how the system is used. This information helps us plan better services and improve system performance.

IV. We use encrypted transmission (Secure Socket Layer - SSL) for all transactions on our billing site.

V. If we attach your bill to an email, we use encrypted Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You choose the password so the encryption is as strong as your password is complex. We encourage you to choose complex passwords for added protection. We encourage you to change your password frequently but we do not require you to do so.

VI. We use cookies placed on your computer for our internal use only. They are required to maintain session information.

VII. We do not share cookies with any outside agency or affiliates.

VIII. We use Google Analytics Advertising Features for internal use only. The information collected will not be sold or shared, and will only be used to improve our website experience. Click here to opt-out.

IX. We do not retain credit card information (unless you specifically tell us to for your convenience) except for audit trails which are used to prove transactions. The audit trails have portions of the card number obliterated so the information is not useful by itself.

Furthermore, we will comply with Government guidelines, or laws, regarding protection of your privacy both now and in the future.

If you have any questions regarding our Website Privacy Policy, please contact us.