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About Provider-Based Billing and Facility Fees

Why is there a facility charge when I receive care at an outpatient clinic?
An outpatient clinic offers you the convenience and access to many services such as lab, x-ray, MRI, etc., that you may not receive in an individual doctor’s office. In addition, outpatient clinics provide physicians with the capability to perform more complex procedures. The facility charge reflects the cost of access to and use of these services and level of care.

Will the facility fee increase out-of-pocket expenses, like copays, deductibles and coinsurance?
The amount you pay for treatment at an outpatient clinic depends on the services you receive. It also depends on your insurance coverage. We advise you to check with your insurance company for more information. You can also speak with a MetroHealth patient financial representative at 877-509-0597.

Will the facility fee be on my bill?
Yes. You can find the facility fee on your statement. This fee may be listed as a "Outpatient Clinic Visit" or "Treatment Room Visit".

What other fees should I be aware of?
Your physician's fee or fee of another medical professional who provided services to you will appear as a separate line item on your bill. This fee may be listed as "Provider" charge.

When will I have to pay for services?
You will be advised what is required in payment prior to your visit in MyChart, or if you request an estimate. Your co-pay can be paid before your appointment through your MyChart account or at time of service when you check in for your appointment.

What are MetroHealth’s Provider-Based or Hospital Outpatient locations?
Most MetroHealth locations utilize provider-based or hospital outpatient billing. MetroHealth locations that do not have provider-based or hospital outpatient billing:

  • Broadview Heights Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy
  • Lakewood Recovery Resources
  • Medina Health Center
  • Midtown Recovery Resources
  • Old Brooklyn Recovery Resources
  • State Road Family Practice
  • Westlake Physical Therapy at the West Shore Family YMCA