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Attorney Billing Requests

In order to better serve you, The MetroHealth System has outsourced the provision of medical bills to attorneys, auto-insurers, and non-contracted payors.

Please fax your request with HIPAA authorization to 770-689-3264 or email your request with a HIPAA authorization to [email protected].

To check the status of a previously submitted request please email [email protected]. Please let us know if you submitted your request via fax or email and the date the request was submitted.

Contact Information

  • If patients need a copy of the bill (not an insurance form), they should call customer service at 216-957-3250.
  • If patients need a balance or payoff amount, they should call 216-957-3250. 
  • If you need detailed Medical Records such as physician orders notes etc. please call 216-778-4252.

Attorney Balance Verification and Settlement Requests

Attention Attorneys: MetroHealth is streamlining the balance verification and settlement/request processes. You must complete the balance verification worksheet in its entirety and provide a fully executed HIPAA authorization. Failure to complete the worksheet and attach the signed HIPAA authorization will result in no response to the request. 

When this form is complete, please email the worksheet and HIPAA authorization to [email protected]. You should receive a reply within ten (10) business days; please note that heavy volumes may affect this estimated turnaround time. 

Download: 2018-Attorney-Balance-Inquiry-Form

Download: Attorney Settlement Worksheet.xlsx

We appreciate your cooperation.