Frequently Asked Questions About The Birth Certificate Process

My partner and I are married. Do we need to bring ID or a marriage license to complete the birth certificate paperwork?
No, If you are married, both names will be added automatically.
If the father and I aren’t married how does the father get added to the birth certificate?
Fathers have to be present with a current government issued ID to sign the affidavit with our notary stating that they are the parent. This allows them to go on the Birth Certificate. Right now, we have multiple notaries on staff.
If I want DNA testing to show parental proof how to I get that?
You do not sign the affidavit because the father’s name will not be added until those results are returned. The county provides DNA testing outside the hospital in multiple locations. We will give you the information on testing locations during your postpartum (after delivery) stay. When the results get returned, you will go back to the location where you tested and sign the affidavit to add the father’s name. Results can take 1-2 weeks to return.
Do I get my baby’s birth certificate before I leave the hospital?
Once the initial paperwork is filled out, we will certify the birth and your birth certificate will be available from City Hall within about a week. If there is an affidavit that gets submitted with the paperwork for unmarried parents, the birth certificate will be available in about 4 weeks.
Are there different steps to take if I have a surrogate, or am adopting?
For surrogacies or adoptions there are certain state regulations that most parents are already aware of before they arrive for delivery.  We will be glad to help you complete the paperwork after the delivery based on your specific needs.
When do I get my baby’s social security card?
Baby’s social security card is applied for automatically and you will see it arrive in 4-6 weeks through the mail. Please make sure you have an updated address in your hospital files.