Physician Education

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Category I CME Educational Conferences

Perinatal Physiology and Pathology
This weekly Conference (Tuesdays 12 – 1 p.m.) is organized around organ-system blocks (i.e. Respiratory, GI-Metabolism, Neurology, Placenta, etc.).  It is designed to review the relevant physiology and pathophysiology of that organ system in the pregnancy woman, fetus, and newborn.  Lectures are given by faculty with special expertise in the area or invited outside lecturers.  These lectures are targeted at the fellow-faculty level.

OB-PEDS Conference
This is a weekly conference (Fridays 12 – 1 p.m.) focusing on cases of interest to Neonatology and High-Risk OB and is jointly organized by the two Services.  Cases are assigned at joint meetings every 2-3 months.  Cases are presented by the fellows of both Services, Genetics Service and discussed by the fellows and faculty.  Per agreement with Pediatric Cardiology and Genetics, 25 percent of the cases are fetal/neonatal cardiology problems and 25 percent are genetics.  Pathology department is also frequently involved.

Pediatric Grand Rounds
This weekly conference (Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.) is held year-round.  It focuses on resident education. The topics are of interest to generalists and sub-specialists.  Topics vary in terms of interest to Neonatology.

Other Educational Opportunities

Regional Round Table Conference: Dr. Moore moderates a monthly meeting at MetroHealth comprised of neonatology care providers in the region to discuss and develop treatment guidelines. All Neonatology Fellows are individually required to participate and develop (in collaboration with an Attending Neonatologist) at least one. All developed guidelines have been adopted and are in use in our NICU. This is a mandatory requirement for fellows to graduate from the program. This activity is open to all neonatology care providers in north-east Ohio.

Other Educational Activities

Open to Neonatology Group Only or by Invitation

Neonatology Division Meeting
This weekly conference is held year-round on every Wednesday 1-3 p.m.  All administrative and management issues in the Division and NICU are reviewed.  These include financial, personnel, and medical administrative issues.  Fellows are expected to take part as junior members of the Division.  Fellow attendance is mandatory.

NICU Case Management and Morbidity Conference
This weekly conference is held year-round, and focuses upon patients currently in the NICU with interesting and unusual problems, difficult management cases and unexpected morbidity. Open to neonatology faculty, fellows and nursing. Other involved sub-specialists are frequently invited.

Neonatology Journal Club
This conference is held monthly, year-round. Fellows discuss interesting papers from the literature. Fellows present the article from the perspective of study design and results.

Morbidity — Mortality Conference
Specific morbidities — respiratory, neurological, retinal and GI — have been defined. All deaths and morbidities are presented in the Division Meeting by the fellow on Service when the death occurred in the following month. Selected deaths are also presented by Fellow/Attending in the Mortality Conference as part of the OB-Peds. Case discussion follows if there are any outstanding issues.

Research Journal Clubs
All fellows present their research updates to the Division twice a year during the Division Meetings. This is a mandated update.

Neonatology Data

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