Foundation Board of Directors

Not to be confused with The MetroHealth System Board of Trustees, The MetroHealth Foundation Board of Directors governs The MetroHealth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1954. The Board guides the strategic direction of the Foundation and raises philanthropic support for MetroHealth. Board members are volunteers who share a passion for their community and for making Greater Cleveland healthier and more equitable.


Dr. Airica Steed serves as CEO of The MetroHealth Foundation. She is also President and CEO of The MetroHealth System.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I have experienced losses in my life, as I know so many of our community members have, that were based in part on the lack of access to equitable health care. But I have not been deterred by these experiences. They motivate me. They are the reason I am committed to eradicating health care disparities and zeroing out the death gap. They are why I am laser-focused on lifting the health and wealth of all our communities and fixing the brokenness in the health care system to ensure EVERYONE gets the high-quality medical care they deserve.

Elected: 2009

Dr. Alfred F. Connors Jr. is MetroHealth's Emeritus Chair of Medicine.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: Since the day I arrived at MetroHealth in June 1974, I have been proud to serve our mission. It is a challenging mission that requires outstanding care and compassion for each individual who comes to us while also taking responsibility for the health of the community at large. The beauty of MetroHealth is that everyone who works here understands the mission and understands how what they do serves that mission.  It is why we work together so well.

The true secret of MetroHealth is our respect and admiration for the people we serve. We see the strength, the courage, and the goodness of our patients. We are proud to give them the excellent care they deserve. We are all committed to eradicating the disparities in health caused by poverty, hunger, homelessness, and other social ills.

I serve on the MetroHealth Foundation Board to make sure that MetroHealth continues to serve our patients, our community and our mission, not just today, but 50 and 100 years from now.

Kate Brown is President of The MetroHealth Foundation and Chief Development Officer of The MetroHealth System.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: MetroHealth has been an important part of my family for years, from the 1930s, when my grandmother worked in our laundry, to the 1980s, when my aunt received life-changing stroke care in our Rehabilitation Institute. A medical career was never in the cards for me, but in my role, I have the honor of sharing and engaging our supporters in the story of MetroHealth and its extraordinary mission.

Elected: 2019

Jennifer Hurd serves as chair of the Foundation Board's Institutional Giving Committee. She is also Senior Vice President, Local Market Executive, Cleveland, at Bank of America.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I am privileged to serve an organization that creates a space where healthcare is provided with dignity for every patient who walks in the doors regardless of their ability to pay. I also serve because of the passion that the caregivers bring to the patients and research.

Elected: 2017

Jonathan Pressnell chairs The MetroHealth Foundation's Finance and Investment Committee. He is also Partner at Blue Point Capital Partners.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: The amazing people at MetroHealth and their culture of compassion and dedication to the Greater Cleveland Area inspire me. From TB to polio to COVID, Metro has a history of providing care in times of significant need. Beyond that, the more recent focus on population health and driving meaningful innovation and change in healthcare delivery models should be a template for other institutions.

Elected: 2017

Marcy Levy Shankman, PhD, serves as chair of the Foundation Board's Nominating and Board Development Committee. She is Chief Organizational Learning Officer at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board to contribute to one of the most important anchors for health and well-being in our community. Serving on the Board means I have the opportunity to share with my network and communities about the multiple ways in which Metro serves our community and to help people and organizations see the value and importance of their support of The MetroHealth System.

Michelle Wood is Chief Operating Officer of The MetroHealth Foundation and Executive Director of Philanthropy Finance and Operations for The MetroHealth System.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I am inspired by MetroHealth’s mission to improve the health of everyone in our community. Without a healthcare background, I can’t directly care for patients, but by serving on the Foundation Board, I can utilize my financial skills to ensure funding is available to help fulfill our mission and improve the lives of our patients.


Elected: 2016

Nicholas Alexander is Account Vice President, Senior Wealth Strategy Associate, at UBS.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: As a grateful MetroHelth patient, I felt compelled to support the organization that provides wonderful care to me and my family. When my daughter was born, I was fortunate to experience the MertoHealth spirit firsthand. This motivated me to get involved.

Elected: 2023

Dr. John Chae is MetroHealth's Vice President of Research and Sponsored Programs and Co-Director of the MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute.

Elected: 2017

Rachel Ciomcia is Executive Vice President of the Cleveland Leadership Center.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I am passionate about the mission of MetroHealth. I started my career in the social work department and was able to see firsthand the impact the providers and staff can have on those served and on the surrounding community. As my career developed and I moved to a new role outside of MetroHealth, I wanted to still be able to support the transformational work of the system. By serving on the Foundation Board, I am able to help the system meet the needs of the community and help address social determinants of health.

Elected: 2022

Bill Clawson is Chief Human Resources Officer at Progressive Insurance.

Why I serve on The Metrohealth Foundation Board: I appreciate the important role that MetroHealth provides to our community and want to help expand MetroHealth resources further. Everyone should have access to the great care and screening done by MetroHealth providers every day. Everyone should be able to partake in the many innovations and new approaches to caring for the whole person that MetroHealth provides. I will be extremely satisfied if through my role on the Foundation Board, I can play a small part in making that dream come to fruition.

Elected: 2022

Jade Davis is Vice President, External Affairs, at The Port of Cleveland.

Maureen Dee, who is retired after a distinguished career in social work and social services management, also serves on The MetroHealth System's Board of Trustees.

Elected: 2024

Lola Garcia is Partner, Co-Group Leader, Business Litigation at UB Greensfelder

Elected: 2019

Miguel de Gracia is CEO of Root Candles.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I aspire to connect the hospital to the community, participating in fundraising programs and sharing the MetroHealth story, while promoting its vision. I like to collectively partner with the philanthropy team and executives to identify, engage and solicit potential donors.

Elected: 2020

Eric Fiala is Head of Corporate Responsibility at KeyBank.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: MetroHealth gave me 12 more years with one of my favorite people – my grandmother – after she suffered a life-threatening injury. I serve because I’m committed to ensuring all neighbors have access to high-quality health care – because even one day more with those you love matters.

Elected: 2020

JoAnn Glick, a former nurse, is a community leader.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: As a nurse, I always felt it was important to focus on health maintenance and disease prevention in both the individual and the community. MetroHealth’s mission to care for the whole person and their community aligns with my belief in what health care should be. I hope my background can help MetroHealth realize that mission.

Elected: 2021

Berry Grant III is Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Division, for Dollar Bank.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I truly believe that The MetroHealth Foundation Board mission truly aligns with my personal passion to help others. I am one that believes that anyone with the drive and motivation to be successful should be afforded the same resources and support that are made available in thriving communities. I serve with the goal of developing a self-sustaining community where there is opportunity for growth and success for all.

Elected: 2017

John J. Grech is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I am continuously inspired by the tremendous impact MetroHealth has on the local community. The opportunity to be a Board member as well as to be engaged in the mission of the organization provides a deeper understanding of all the outstanding attributes of MetroHealth. Serving on the Foundation Board allows me to provide advocacy for the incredible work of MetroHealth.

Elected: 2021

Kevin M. Grobelny is Senior Vice President & Managing Director at PNC Bank.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I believe our community deserves quality health care, and the caregivers at MetroHealth deliver on that commitment each day. These medical professionals inspire me to serve its mission by investing in Metro's well-being so that its delivery of top care to our community continues to grow, expand and reinvest over and again into Cuyahoga County.  

Elected: 2017

Melissa Kline is MetroHealth's Senior Vice President-System Chief Nurse Executive.

Elected: 2019

Ricardo León is Chief Operating Officer of the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corp.
Elected: 2018

Jay Lucarelli is President and Chief Executive Officer of Minute Men Staffing & HR Services.

Elected: 2024

Larry Mack is a retired executive vice president at KeyBank, past board chair at Montefiore and currently serves on the boards of Mandel Jewish Community Center and Ohio Jewish Communities.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board of Directors: I serve on the MetroHealth Foundation board because the MetroHealth tag line of Dedicated to Hope, Health and Humanity, along with the mission of leading the way to a healthier you and a healthier community through service, teaching, discovery and teamwork, resonate with me. Metro is so much more than a health system. I hope my interest and board service, will in a small way, help Metro achieve its goals and objectives.

Elected: 2018

Dr. James E. Misak is Medical Director of the MetroHealth Institute for H.O.P.E.TM

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: MetroHealth is Cuyahoga County’s essential public hospital and health care system, and it embraces a clear and compelling mission: to serve the community and to transform not just health care, but health. It has been a privilege for me to participate in this mission through my clinical practice and in my role as medical director of the Institute for H.O.P.E.TM Serving on the Foundation board is one more way that I can contribute to keeping this mission alive and sustainable.

Elected: 2024

Lisa Ramirez, PhD is Associate Director, MetroHealth Pediatric Psychology; Director, Community and Behavioral Health, MetroHealth School Health Program; and Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Elected: 2015

Rob Soroka is Senior Vice President at Fifth Third Bank.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: There are two key reasons: First, there is a relentless passion throughout the fabric of MetroHealth to help people improve their health so they don’t need hospital care. This means tremendous efforts to reach people before they become ill. Second, industry-leading innovation is making MetroHealth a top-rated hospital in trauma care, burn care, rehabilitation and community care. It all make me proud to be associated with this great organization.

Elected: 2023

Dr. Terry Stancin spent 36 years with MetroHealth, retiring in 2022 as Chief of Psychology, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology and Vice-Chair for Research in Psychiatry.

Elected: 2020

George Sullivan is Chief Executive Officer at Equity Trust Company.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I have a passion for delivering value to the stakeholders of our business at Equity Trust Company. The communities we operate in are among our most important stakeholders, and I can think of no better mission than to help provide health equity to our citizens. MetroHealth is a wonderful institution that galvanizes its tremendous employees to deliver health services to all, often against difficult odds. This is God’s work, and I’m happy to do my small part to help these committed employees fulfill their service.

Elected: 2024

Luis Tollinche, MD is Chair, MetroHealth Department of Anesthesiology and Professor, Anesthesiology, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Elected: 2020

Jacke Wiedemer is a community leader.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I am honored to serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board because of the world class care, innovative programs and a belief that health begins in the community that MetroHealth represents.

Elected: 2017

Dr. Sherrie D. Williams is Chief, Medicine Service, Louis Stokes VA Medical Center,  Northeast Ohio VA Healthcare System.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I have practiced medicine for 26 years, and 21 of those years I spent at MetroHealth. My career mission is to be of service to those less fortunate in our society. I found at MetroHealth a place where I could carry out my life’s mission. More important, however, is what I found in MetroHealth, a place where the mission of service matters. The Foundation fosters that mission!

Elected: 2023

Deandra Williams-Lewis is Director of Ethics and Compliance at FirstEnergy Corp.

Elected: 2017

Aaron Witwer is Co-Founder and Chief Health Strategist at Humankind Health Consulting.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: I serve on the Foundation Board to be an extension of the beautiful work that the caregivers provide each day.  MetroHealth is doing work that other health care organizations aren't willing to do. So giving my time to help advance that work is a small token of my appreciation.

Life Members

Elected: 2004

Robert A. Durham is President of HKM Direct Market Communications.

Elected: 1988

Richard B. Fratianne, MD, is Director Emeritus of The MetroHealth Burn Center.
Elected: 2009

Brenda K. Kirk is a community leader.

Elected: 1988

Collin K. Knisely is a community leader.

Why I serve on The MetroHealth Foundation Board: The MetroHealth Foundation has been an important part of my effort to help others for the last 35 years. Our core mission to care for patients regardless of their ability to pay is so critical in today's world. The hospital has helped Clevelanders return to health for so many years and that's why I will continue to find ways to be of service.