Where to Go For Your Care

The Answer May Vary Depending on Your Symptoms

Your MetroHealth care team is always here for you, whether it’s an emergency or a minor incident.

If you’re not sure what visit type is best for you:


ExpressCare Emergency Department Primary Care
See an ExpressCare provider for these concerns Go to an Emergency Room for these concerns or call 9-1-1 See a primary care provider for these concerns
Animal bites Chest pain Blood pressure readings
Allergic reactions (non-life threatening) Difficulty breathing Chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer)
Coughs, colds, and sore throats Drug or other poisoning Medication refills
Ear infections Loss or blurred vision Pregnancy testing
Fever or flu-like symptoms Loss of consciousness Upper respiratory infections
Mild asthma Major burns Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
Minor burns, injuries, or cuts Stroke symptoms  
Sexually Transmitted Infection (STD) testing Uncontrolled bleeding  
Skin irritations or infections    
Sprains and strains