Trunk Stability and Lower Extremity Movement after SCI


Ronald Triolo, PhD; Musa Audu, PhD; Lisa Lombardo, MPT; Nathan Makowski, PhDHarry Hoyen, MD; Gilles Pinault, MD

Our team is evaluating both implanted and non-invasive neural stimulation interventions to restore function and improve health and independence after low cervical or thoracic spinal cord injury.

We are implementing implanted stimulation systems in people with motor complete injuries for trunk control and standing function to improve seated posture, transfers, and wheelchair propulsion, and access. In people with both complete and incomplete injuries, we are evaluating systems for stepping and walking. For reconditioning, recreation, and general health benefits we are also investigating the effects of non-invasive neural stimulation for stationary rowing and cycling, as well as over ground biking.

Reaching with weighted object while trunk system maintains seated posture                           Illustration of implanted system for standing function


For more information about research studies involving trunk and lower extremity function after SCI, please contact:

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