Arm and Hand Movement after SCI


Kimberly Anderson, PhDAnne Bryden, OTR/LKyle Chepla, MDHarry Hoyen, MDMichael Keith, MDKevin Kilgore, PhD, Robert Kirsch, PhD, Hunter Peckham, PhDEric Schearer, PhDJames Wilson, DO 

The MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute is world-renowned for Functional Electrical Stimulation Research.  For over three decades our research studies have provided the most advanced grasp, reaching, and postural stability capabilities for individuals with chronic cervical SCI via implanted neuroprosthetic devices. 

Our current neuroprosthetic system enables individuals to perform a variety of functional activities of daily living, including eating, office tasks, personal grooming, improved posture, and improved wheelchair propulsion. Our new modular system, the networked neuroprosthesis, is now being tested in people with cervical level spinal cord injury, and we are preparing to initiate a multi-center clinical trial of the hand system.

 Arm and Hand Movement after SCI

For more information about research studies involving Arm & Hand Movement after SCI, please contact:

Blake Perkins, DPT
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