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Environmental Commitment Statement

From MetroHealth President and CEO, Airica Steed, Ed.D, RN, MBA, FACHE 

Human health is greatly affected by the health of the environment. That is why The MetroHealth System is committed to both minimizing negative impacts on the environment and finding opportunities to restore and improve the environment to the benefit of current and future generations.

As MetroHealth strives to build a more equitable world, we are especially committed to underserved communities, which continue to suffer  disproportionately from environmental harm and the negative health effects that accompany it. 

To ensure that we do that:

  • We partner with others to create sustainable neighborhoods that offer affordable housing; access to healthy local foods; smart, accessible transportation; environmentally friendly construction; and access to green space.
  • We conserve natural resources by reducing our energy and water use, minimizing waste, increasing recycling and reuse, and taking actions that improve air quality and address climate change.
  • We support local, diverse and small business development, buy environmentally safer and healthier products and services, and require those we do business with to lessen their environmental and climate impact.
  • We engage, educate and encourage our employees to care for the environment in a number of ways including our Employee Business Resource Group, the Green Team.
  • We collaborate with local, regional, state and national leaders in environmental sustainability to achieve common goals related to climate change and regenerative and renewable resource use in an effort to ensure all people remain as healthy as possible regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, education, income, ability, geographic location and or any other demographic .

MetroHealth sets these goals under the leadership of the Director for Sustainability and the Sustainability Advisory Council. Together, we establish goals, monitor progress and measure success using guidelines from environmental organizations, which include:

We share quarterly progress with the MetroHealth Board of Trustees and the public by describing our sustainability efforts, their status and results on our website, And we invite everyone to join us in working to preserve the health of our community and build equity for all who live here.